Omega Woman(TM) Does It All

A New Formula for Women from Nordic Naturals

Watsonville, California (January 7, 2003) Nordic Naturals, Inc. announces Omega Woman„§, their latest offering in the Ultimate Omega line, which was designed especially for the omega nutritional needs of women. This unique formula combines a synergistic blend of hormone-modulating GLA from Evening Primrose oil with Omega 3s from fish. David Perlmutter, M.D., medical advisor and spokesperson, comments, ¡§The Omega Woman(TM) formula provides excellent nutritional support for women of all ages. EFAs from fish oil and Evening Primrose oil are effective for various hormonal complaints including PMS, mood swings, menopausal symptoms, headaches and even acne-prone skin.¡¨ Deliciously flavored with natural lemon, each bottle provides a 1-2 month supply. As with all Nordic Natural products, Omega Woman(TM) is made with pharmaceutical grade fish oil molecularly distilled for purity thus guaranteeing consumers no presence of PCBs, heavy metals or pesticides. Advanced lipid stabilizers ensure freshness and a three-year shelf life.

Current research on essential fatty acids has supported claims that EFAs are important dietary supplements for pregnancy, lactation, PMS and menopause due to the fact that they control a large number of cellular processes in the body. They also are known to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals and support proper nerve functioning. Dr. Perlmutter adds, ¡§Women will also be pleased to know that GLA acts as a natural beauty formula promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. GLA, which occurs naturally in Evening Primrose oil, exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, relieves dryness and itching in chronic skin disorders and reduces hair loss.¡¨ An Omega 6 fatty acid, GLA or gammalinoleic acid, is often recommended to use with Omega 3¡¦s from fish oil.

Nordic Naturals is a leading manufacturer and provider of omega 3 essential fatty acids in the dietary supplement and medical industries. The company offers both a retail line and a professional of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils as well as detox products. Actively involved in research and education, the company is a member of the Natural Health Institute and the Omega-3 Research Institute.


Corinna Benoit, national sales manager, is available for comment by calling 831.724.6200 ext 106.

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