Omega XL complies with eco-standards for green-lipped mussels

Omega XL complies with eco-standards for green-lipped mussels

Omega XL announces an environmental milestone to ensure the eco-sustainability of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, the source of the patented omega-3 marine lipid extract known as PCSO-524.

“Eco-sustainability” is the capacity of ecosystems to maintain their essential functions and processes, and retain their biodiversity in full measure over the long-term. In short, eco-sustainability is the opposite of extinction. It is the responsibility of any industry that harvests raw materials from the earth to insure the sustainability of the ecosystems from which it derives its products.

In the interest of the sustainability of the green-lipped mussel, the New Zealand Minister of Fisheries has set new standards commercial catches of both wild and farmed (aqua cultured) green-lipped mussels. Omega XL addresses these strict controls that have been implemented and agreed upon by all mussel farms and fisheries licensed to fish in the specific designated areas of New Zealand for mussel farming.

Abiding by the newly implemented management system is only one step in insuring green-lipped mussel sustainability. Also of importance, the agreement with the Minister of Fisheries sets standards for the allowable size of each mussel caught as well as specific requirements for returning juvenile mussels to sea.

Another important aspect of the eco-sustainability of the green-lipped mussel relates to its environment. The green-lipped mussel is a filter-feeding mollusk, dependent on a clean environment with an abundance of nutritious algae and micro plankton. No omega-6 rich cornfeeds, fertilizers or herbicidal agents that some marine products include in their farming are involved at any stage. Instead, mussel farming optimizes the natural properties of the seawater.
Because all shellfish can be affected by runoff from land-based activities, independent authorities constantly monitor rainfall levels in New Zealand. Depending on the impact of the rainfall, all mussel harvesting may be halted until runoff dissipates. The country also leads the world in researching, understanding and monitoring biotoxin events.

Because of this, all farming sites are regularly monitored by the New Zealand Marine Biotoxin Authority for the presence of toxic algae blooms. This program complements other governmental monitoring and quality assurance programs, to help ensure that New Zealand green-lipped mussels are truly safe and sustainable.

The New Zealand green-lipped mussel industry recognizes its relationship with the environment, and works to ensure all of its activities are environmentally responsible and sustainable. The green-lipped mussel oil found in Omega XL is aqua cultured from sustainable, renewable aquaculture farms located only in strictly monitored pristine waters.

Omega XL is one of only two Omega 3 supplements sold in the world that contains the patented stabilized marine lipid extract PCSO-524™ derived only from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, with 30 healthy fatty acids including DHA and EPA. Sold in other parts of the world under its sister brand name Lyprinol, Omega XL is manufactured exclusively by Great HealthWorks Inc., and is the most widely available omega-3 fish oil supplement containing the potent PCSO-524™ marine lipid extract. To find more information about Omega XL and PCSO-524™ visit


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