Omega3 from Cranberry, stable no fishy odor or taste Omega3

Atlanta, GA – Premier international nutraceutical ingredients provider AHD International, LLC announced in late September it has finalized arrangements to provide an array of patented fruit based Omega3 products to its customers. The company has successfully solidified its relationship with a reliable, quality manufacturer of this new-to-market, revolutionary suite of products. This product portfolio consists of Cranberry Protein Powder, Cranberry Omega3 Oil and Liquid Nanodispersion Omega3.

The Cranberry Protein Powder is a seed extract that delivers complete protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Using patented cold-pressing technology, no enzymes, solvents, extreme heat or added ingredients are used, preserving the natural balances of the constituents. It is unique in that it is the only 100% plant protein that contains 25% complete protein including all EFAs.

The Cranberry Omega3 Oil provides an all-natural source of balanced Omega3 and Omega6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) as well as Omega9 fatty acids, phytosterols and phospholipids.

The third new product, Liquid Nanodispersion Omega3, offers 100% dispersible lipid delivery using nanodispersions. Microencapsulated lipids offer increased absorption in the human body. Using proprietary processes and technologies, this Liquid Omega3 allows an effective delivery of oil-based nutrients into water-based products.

AHD International is the distribution leader for the most innovative new-to-market nutritional products. Each product undergoes strict purity testing to ensure the highest quality and adherence to FDA and GMP standards. Whatever your business – dietary supplements, OTC, cosmetics, beverages or pet and livestock ingredients – AHD has the ingredients to meet your needs. Contact AHD International via our website at or telephone our sales department at 404-233-4022.

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