OmegaH20 patent application approved

OmegaH20 patent application approved

VIRUN's OmegaH2O clear, shelf-stable omega-3, coenzyme Q10 and other nonpolar compounds patent application 12/383,244 was approved in Europe and given Notice of Allowance in the U.S.

VIRUN Inc. Food and Beverage Technology Division announced that without continuance and as a result of innovation and novelty, patent application 12/383,244 has been approved in Europe and Notice of Allowance in the U.S. 12/383,244 allows the only patented nonpolar compounds, such as omega-3, dissolve into foods, beverages and supplements clearer and shelf stable.

VIRUN headquarters in Walnut, Calif., has developed novel, patented technologies that encapsulate nonpolar compounds that dissolve clearer, shelf stable and safe. Virun's OmegaH2O products are the premier and only patented technologies that deliver clear, shelf-stable omega-3 DHA and EPA into shelf-stable beverages that are marketed and sold worldwide. Other novel product concentrates utilize the now-patented technology to encapsulate coenzyme Q10 into water-soluble, safe and shelf-stable applications. The patent approval and Notice of Allowance was accepted expeditiously, which can only be the result of the strength of the claims and proof of novelty and inventiveness. The product concentrates are formulated, produced and marketed under a proprietary brand. Our proprietor focuses on integrity combined with their mission to serve the premiere ingredient category, which creates a suitable aggregate for success. Other marketing avenues include our collaboration with WEDAR in Taiwan and Repinsa in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Beverage producers can now fortify clear and shelf-stable functional beverages with ingredients that can maintain supportive health claims, such as “heart healthy” or other health-promoting claims.  12/383,244 also allows ingredients to be added above and beyond recommend intake source claims such as “excellent source of,” “high in” or “rich in.” Consumers benefit because they now have access to a wide variety of options that, in of itself or accumulatively, can contribute a more healthy diet which includes novel nutrients such as omega-3, co-Q10, resveratrol or vitamin E, as examples.

Philip Bromley, CEO of VIRUN stated: "It's time for VIRUN to now flourish; 12/383,244 was a crucial means to begin executing Genuine OmegaH2O in full-force. Expect 2012 to set a new precedence in actualizing new functional-beverage applications containing omega-3 DHA and EPA DHA.”

Safety and regulatory
VIRUN has studied the safety and pharmacokinetics and well as dynamics of its concentrates and its technology is not only safe, but in fact, the solubilizing agent does not significantly absorb into the body systemically, unlike detergents or other more intrusive chemicals. By delivering the nonpolar constituent yet not absorbing the excipient solubilizier, VIRUN has developed safe and effective means to deliver healthy ingredients. The benefits of the bioavailability was reported and included in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report. EFSA further notes that the No Observed Adverse Effect Limit was 1,000 mg per kg of body weight. The National Cancer Institute confirmed that there were no safety concerns via oral dosage at the highest levels tested.

VIRUN currently supports over 30 products internationally. Our partners have released successful products in Taiwan and China through our collaboration with WEDAR Biotechnology, China, U.S. and products released in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador through our partners Repinsa and Europe and Canada. VIRUN maintains our concentrates through applications with our partners proprietary – VIRUN focuses on technology to support application and not the finished application itself; this helps separate the “brand” from the support of the ingredient.

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