Once Again Nut Butter hires CFO

Once Again Nut Butter hires CFO

Once Again Nut Butter is an employee-owned company that manufactures organic and natural nut butters, seed butters, roasted nuts and organic honey.

Once Again Nut Butter recently hired Bryan Fritz as the Chief Financial Officer. His responsibilities include setting the financial policy and direction while also being an active participant in, and driver of, the organization's overall strategy. Bryan leads all financial administration, business planning, budgeting, and information technology initiatives. Prior to coming on board Bryan spent several years working for the largest regional accounting firm in Rochester. During that time he specialized in small business advisory, auditing and consulting services for manufacturing companies of all sizes. Bryan is a certified public accountant in New York State. He attended the State University of New York at Geneseo where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. In his spare time he is an avid runner and loves to spend time out on the water on his boat.

We asked, Bryan: What can you tell consumers that they'd be surprised to know about Once Again?
I have been in over 50 different manufacturing companies and met dozens of management teams and employees, but never have I come across a group of people who have so much pride in their company. There is a deep sense of duty to be socially responsible and create a superior product for our customers. People here consider Once Again a second home (literally) and want our customers to feel the same sense of pride about our product. From my experience of seeing the best companies operate I have always said, "It is the little things that differentiate the greatest companies from everyone else." This company does the little things right from customer service all the way through to janitorial services. We truly are a phenomenal company and there is something to be said about being a 100 percent employee owned.

Tell us more about you! Do you have any hobbies or interests?
I am an avid runner and recently ran my first marathon in Rochester. I enjoy boating on the Finger Lakes and often take my boat out to relax on the water. I am a history buff who is especially fascinated with World War 2, and unfortunately I am a die-hard Bills fan, which causes much pain year after year.

What is the best part about working for Once Again?
Every day I come into work with exciting new challenges I face. Knowing that I have the skill set to improve the company and as a result make the employee owners successful is very rewarding. I also see that the company has limitless potential and that makes me excited to come to work.

What goals do you have as CFO for Once Again?
The day I walked into this company I had one goal I set for myself, to create a sustainable work environment of a financially healthy company that creates resources to take care of its owners, provide an enjoyable place to work, and remain socially responsible.

What is your favorite Once Again product?
Organic Cashew Butter


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