OptiPure® Brand Chemco Industries, Inc. and Use Techno Sign an Exclusive Distribution and Marketing Agreement

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 9, 2005 – OptiPure® Brand Chemco Industries Inc., (OptiPure®) and Use Techno Corporation of Japan have entered into an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement on GlucoTrim® Banaba leaf extract. OptiPure® and its sister company, Soft Gel Technologies Inc.®, (SGTI®) through this agreement, are now the exclusive source for Banaba leaf extracts typically used in soft gelatin capsules, tablets, and two piece hard shell capsules. To date, three patents (#6,716,459, #6,485,760 and #6,784,206) have been issued for Banaba products containing corosolic acid, the use of Banaba for weight loss or blood glucose management, and the manufacture of soft gelatin capsules containing Banaba leaf extract. GlucoTrim® is a registered trademark of OptiPure® and SGTI® and the only Banaba leaf product licensed under the three patents that cover extracts of Banaba leaf for nutraceutical applications and use.

GlucoTrim® is a standardized extract of Banaba leaf (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) containing corosolic acid (available as 1% or 3% extracts) and various tannins, including Lagerstroemin. GlucoTrim® supports healthy blood glucose metabolism and has been the focus of numerous clinical investigations. OptiPure® and SGTI® invested in three clinical trials. Results clearly demonstrate that GlucoTrim® is efficacious by helping maintain healthy blood glucose levels and aiding with moderate weight loss. The studies also revealed that GlucoTrim® has an impressive safety record.

SGTI® President, Ron Udell, remarked, “We are extremely pleased to have entered into an exclusive partnership with Use Techno. This agreement enables us to benefit from our efforts in building the GlucoTrim® brand over the last several years.” OptiPure® and SGTI® are committed to providing the natural products industry with proven ingredients and expanding and protecting its intellectual property. Mr. Udell added, “We certainly hope that marketers of unlicensed materials will recognize our position as the exclusive source for this ingredient.”

About OptiPure®
OptiPure® Brand Chemco Industries, Inc. is a leading distributor of unique branded nutraceutical ingredients in addition to being a leading distributor of Japanese CoQ10. OptiPure® is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA.

About Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.®
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a leading contract manufacturer providing specialty soft gelatin encapsulation to the nutraceutical industry. Soft Gel’s leading product is a patented highly bio-available CoQ10 soft gel marketed as CoQsol®. Other key products include GlucoTrim®, a banaba leaf extract for blood glucose management and Injuv®, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for cosmeceutical and joint health applications. Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information, visit www.soft-gel.com or www.optipure.com.


Kenn Israel, Director of Marketing
(323) 726-0700
[email protected]

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