OptiPure® Launches New High Potency Stable Feverfew Powder

Los Angeles, CA – OptiPure® announces the launch of PharmaFew, the first high potency, stable feverfew powder. Feverfew assists in preventing and lessening migraines, as well as alleviating joint pain and allergies. The main active ingredient in feverfew is parthenolide. OptiPure® PharmaFew contains up to 4% stable parthenolide while other feverfew extracts have reached only a 2% unstable parthenolide content. PharmaFew is uniquely extracted and dried from the feverfew herb, with a boosted potency from 0.9% active ingredient up to 4%. Pharmafew’s high potency can be taken in smaller doses or formulated with other ingredients. Pharmafew is a kosher extract and is the result of 4 years of research and 3 years of stability testing in accelerated shelf-life tests.

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