Orafti’s 5th Research Conference - ‘Inulin & Oligofructose: Proven Health Benefits & Claims’

Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA) September 28 th – 29 th, 2006 FULL PROGRAM ANNOUNCED ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients, the world market leader for inulin and oligofructose, has announced the full program for their 5 th Research Conference in Boston , Massachusetts on September 28-29, 2006. The much-awaited release of the ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients 2006 Research Conference schedule reveals an exciting line-up that will provide the scientific community with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest research on the health benefits of inulin and oligofructose. The two-day event held at Harvard Medical School will feature six informative and interactive sessions concerning the nutritional and health benefits of inulin and oligofructose presented by internationally recognized scientists. At the event, delegates will not only have the opportunity to hear some of the science world’s most respected names speak on their areas of specialty, but also be able to engage in discussion and debate. Each session at the conference will focus on a specific health benefit of inulin and oligofructose giving speakers the opportunity to share some of their most recent research findings.

  • The first session of the conference will focus on intestinal health and will be chaired by Dr. Allan Walker, the Conrad Taff Professor of Nutrition and Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. His principal research interests are the role of protective nutrients, including prebiotics, and the development of intestinal defence mechanisms.
  • The second session will be chaired by Prof. Connie Weaver, Head of the Department of Food & Nutrition at Purdue University, Indiana. In 2000, Connie Weaver became Director of a National Institute of Health funded Botanical Centre to study dietary supplements containing polyphenolics for age-related diseases and is therefore very qualified to lead this session on bone health.
  • The final session of the first day focuses on gut peptides and energy metabolism, and will be chaired by Prof. Em. Roberfroid, who holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Roberfroid has been actively involved in research relating to functional food science, particularly prebiotics.
  • The second day of the conference will start with Prof. Glenn Gibson chairing a session on immunity and inflammation. Gibson is a Professor at the University of Reading (UK) and Chairman of the Beneo Scientific Committee. His research unit focuses on gastro-intestinal microbiology and he has co-authored several books on gut microflora.
  • The penultimate session on colon cancer risk is to be chaired by Dr. Gérard Pascal, former Scientific Director of the Human Nutrition and Food Safety Unit of INRA, in Paris, France, who has specialized in nutrition and food toxicology.
  • The conference closes with a session looking at the benefits of inulin and oligofructose for specific target groups. Prof. Nathalie Delzenne who will chair this session has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has been involved in research assessing the physiological effects of prebiotic-type ingredients.
Anne Franck, Executive Vice President of Science and Technology at ORAFTI, comments,”Nutritional studies on the prebiotic ingredients inulin and oligofructose continue to expand and demonstrate their benefits for intestinal as well as general health and well-being. What we know less is that prebiotics have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. At the Conference evidence for prebiotic use in the archaeological record from different regions in the world will be presented by Jeff Leach from the Paleobiotics Lab. It is exciting to learn that mankind probably had the opportunity to include prebiotic-containing plants in its diet as early as 2 million years ago and that significant dietary intake took place later on with the advent of technological advances already 400,000 years ago. It is therefore hypothesised that populations that included plants rich in prebiotic components in their diet would have had a selective competitive advantage over competitors! Leach’s fascinating finding put prebiotic use and benefits in a new perspective.” For further information and/or to register for the 5 th ORAFTI Research Conference, please go to www.ORAFTI.com - End - About ORAFTI Group ORAFTI Group is a subsidiary of the Belgian agro-food group Raffinerie Tirlemontoise/ Tiense Suikerraffinaderij and is part of the ORAFTI/ PALATINIT Ingredients business unit of Südzucker Group (Germany). ORAFTI Group produces Beneo™ inulin and oligofructosefor human and animal nutrition, as well as Raftisweet ® (fructose syrups), from chicory roots. The ORAFTI Group also includes REMY INDUSTRIES, world leading producer of rice starches (Remy ®/Remyline ®/Remygel ®), rice flours (Remyflo ®) and rice proteins (Remypro ®). ORAFTI Group's head office is in Tienen, Belgium and the company operates in more than 75 countries world wide, with production units in Oreye (Belgium), Pemuco (Chile), Wijchen (Netherlands) and Wijgmaal (Belgium). ORAFTI’S 5 TH RESEARCH CONFERENCE ‘INULIN & OLIGOFRUCTOSE: PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS & CLAIMS’ Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA September 28 th-29th 2006 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE September 28th INTESTINAL HEALTH Chair: A. Walker Role of functional ingredients towards current health issues J. Dwyer Inulin & Oligofructose as functional food ingredients M. Roberfroid Prebiotic concept and review of scientific evidence G. Gibson Use of Inulin & Oligofructose in food products: Consumer aspects E. Currie Keynote lecture: Prebiotic archaeology J. Leach BONE HEALTH Chair: C. Weaver Diet, nutrition and bone health K. Cashman Overview of experimental data with Inulin & Oligofructose K. Scholz- Ahrens Role of Inulin & Oligofructose in adolescents S. Abrams Current data with Inulin & Oligofructose in adults V. Coxam GUT PEPTIDES AND ENERGY METABOLISM Chair: M. Roberfroid Role of intestinal peptides R. Burcelin Carbohydrate digestibility and metabolic effects D. Jenkins Experimental data with Inulin & Oligofructose N. Delzenne Overview of effects in humans (lipids, satiety) F. Brighenti September 29 IMMUNITY AND INFLAMMATION Chair: G. Gibson Dietary modulation of GALT I. Sanderson Review of experimental data on immune modulation B. Watzl Intestinal infections, permeability and inflammation F. Guarner Inulin & Oligofructose in IBD L. Dieleman COLON CANCER RISK Chair: G. Pascal Dietary modulation of colon cancer risk K. Young Overview of experimental data with Inulin & Oligofructose B. Pool-Zobel Human data from the SYNCAN project K. Collins Future perspectives with prebiotics in human studies A. Umar BENEFITS FOR SPECIFIC TARGET GROUPS Chair: N. Delzenne Maturation and aging of the gut N. Nanthakumar Pediatric applications of Inulin & Oligofructose G. Veereman Inulin & Oligofructose in healthy aging K. Tuohy Importance of Inulin products in animal nutrition J. Van Loo Summary and conclusions A. Walker and G. Gibson
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