OrderDog Releases iPocket to Replace Outdated Scanners

LEWISVILLE, TX, June 13, 2005 - OrderDog (TM), Inc., is a technology-based company that provides neutral and secure third party business-to-business services to increase supply chain efficiencies, announces the launch of its new Chihuahua-sized scanner for Husky-sized tasks. The iPocket (TM) Compact Handheld Scanner was created for natural products retailers and distributors to facilitate barcode scanning, inventory counting, shelf tag creation and uploading orders to OrderDog's online ordering system.

Richard MacKillop, co-founder and CEO of OrderDog, Inc. compares the iPocket to older, more complicated scanners, "The iPocket is the first really viable replacement for the outdated and bulky MSI and Telxon scanners. It is perfect for simple scanning, and extremely useful in taking inventory and placing orders."

The iPocket is lightweight, yet rugged and sturdy, and features a built-in barcode scanner, keypad and acoustic coupler (modem). Several major natural products distributors and retailers are slated to replace their existing MSI or Telxon scanners with the iPocket scanner. It is offered to retailers under a new rental program, which provides a lifetime warranty for $20 per month.

"The iPocket scanner is a revolutionary tool that provides businesses with the necessary resources to be effective. Some stores don¹t need the advanced power of our iPAL (TM) scanner, yet the out-dated MSI scanners are simply too cumbersome and lack an effective barcode scanner - the iPocket fills this gap perfectly," MacKillop adds.

The iPocket is the newest addition to the OrderDog hardware family. It joins the likes of the iPAL Scanner, a powerful real-time tool that scans, takes inventory, displays extensive pricing information, buying and selling history, current orders and on-hand quantities. The iPOS (TM) Point of Sale Terminal is a proven point-of-sale system with an all-in-one unit with touch-screen and high-speed networking capabilities that automatically updates pricing, customer information and is simply the easiest Point of Sale solution to implement. The iPocket, iPAL and iPOS are evidence of OrderDog's continued mission of providing tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes.

OrderDog, Inc., is a web-based system that enables manufacturers and retailers to connect online 24 hours a day to order and sell goods.

Servicing over 1,400 retailers and 250 suppliers across the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, OrderDog has proven to be the industry's foremost expert on supply chain solutions. OrderDog holds Nutrition Business Journal¹s 2004 silver growth in small companies award, and the 2004 product merit award for their time-saving inventory tool, the iPAL Scanner.

OrderDog offers service packages ranging from $59 to $199 per month, plus hardware. For more information on OrderDog's supply chain tools, call 1-866-673-3736, or visit www.orderdog.com. To schedule an interview with Richard MacKillop, contact Amanda Holty at [email protected].

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