OrderDog Tailors Service Levels to Further Meet Independent Retailers' Needs

Supply Chain Company Continues to Serve Retailers of All Sizes

LEWISVILLE, TX, April 12, 2005 -- OrderDog(TM), Inc., a technology-based company that provides neutral and secure third party business-to-business services to increase supply chain efficiencies in the natural products industry, announces the inception of three new service levels that are designed to accommodate retailers of any size. OrderDog's offerings begin with a streamlined product ordering service that connects retailers to their suppliers, and expand to include a fully automated point of sale system. The OrderDog service packages are now available on three levels: Basic and Advanced Order Management and Complete Retail Management.

"One of the three levels of service will work for any retailer," said Richard MacKillop, founder and CEO of OrderDog. "We understand the plight of the independent retailer. They need technology to compete in today's market, but most don't have the resources. We have designed our levels of service to not only stand on their own, but to help evolve the independent retailer into higher levels of efficiency as they master the tools in each package.
Our training staff monitors the retailers' operations and then gives specific guidance to help improve their business."

The new service levels provide retailers with personalized solutions to make operations and customer service more efficient and effective by offering the standard web-based software service with the option of including additional inventory hardware:

€ BASIC Order Management Service, using the new iPocket(TM) Compact Handheld Scanner
€ ADVANCED Order Management Service, using the iPAL(TM) Scanner
€ COMPLETE Retail Management Service, using the iPAL(TM) Scanner and iPOS(TM) Point of Sale Terminal

The iPocket Scanner is the newest addition to the OrderDog hardware line. It is a pocket-sized, user-friendly scanner that is used for simple barcode scanning, taking inventory, creating shelf tags and uploading orders to OrderDog. The iPAL Scanner is a powerful real-time tool that scans, takes inventory and uploads, and also displays extensive pricing information, buying history, current orders and on-hand quantities. The iPOS is a proven point-of-sale system with an all-in-one unit with touch-screen and high-speed networking capabilities. It automatically updates pricing, product availability, contact information, cost history/averages, and UPC and item identification numbers. OrderDog's Complete Retail Management Service virtually eliminates all the independent retailer's technology burdens by also providing automated software updates and data backups.

OrderDog, Inc., is a web-based system that enables manufacturers and retailers to connect online 24 hours a day to order and sell goods.

Servicing over 1,400 retailers and 250 suppliers across the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, OrderDog has proven to be the industry's foremost expert on supply chain solutions. OrderDog holds Nutrition Business Journal's 2004 silver growth in small companies award, and the 2004 product merit award for their time-saving inventory tool, the iPAL (TM) scanner.

The service packages range from $59 to $199 per month, plus hardware. For more information on OrderDog's new service levels, call 1-866-673-3736, or visit www.orderdog.com.

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