OrderDog(TM )To Launch Exclusive Online Ordering Solution at Expo West

Electronic Data Exchange-Based System Brings Natural Product Retailers Up To Speed

LEWISVILLE, Texas, February 27, 2002 -- OrderDog, Inc., a computer technology company that provides secure third party business-to-business solutions to the natural products industry, will run real-time demonstrations of their web-based ordering service at Expo West on March 7-10, in Anaheim, CA.

By using the OrderDog online service, retailers are directly connected with manufacturers and distributors around the clock allowing them to electronically catalog and purchase product by category or even by aisle, streamlining the entire ordering process. OrderDog also allows the end user to easily monitor and track order status, avoid inventory out-of-stocks and receive updated email notifications while providing access to a real time customer support center to answer any questions along the way.

Along with in-depth, hands on training for buyers and managers, OrderDog provides a free computer with one year of Internet service. In an effort to simplify the process even further, OrderDog can support most existing retailers’ hardware and software systems, including handheld scanners, so there is no need to purchase new equipment.

"E-marketplaces are now more common than ever and OrderDog was specifically developed to integrate the natural foods industry into this high tech arena," stated Darrin Peterson, president of OrderDog. "Our technology allows us to specifically adapt to the needs of health food retailers and manufacturers without altering current procurement channels allowing them to reduce order time by 65-70 percent."

Companies will see the most significant benefit of the OrderDog service in the time saved in processing orders. The ordering program also allows customers to view packaging, detailed product information, see product specials and featured items as well as search for new products and order samples.

"I have been restraining my excitement somewhat; maybe because I’ve been here before with other companies, but all the pieces just weren’t right. However, I have extreme confidence in OrderDog and the benefits it will provide our stores," stated Jim Beck, CIO of Nature’s Best. "The mix of industry experience, professionalism and ethics combined with the technical prowess of OrderDog and Nature’s Best is going to be a strong force."

Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, OrderDog, Inc. is built with the most reputable hardware and software from leading industry partners including AOL, Cisco, Dell, Gateway, Microsoft Windows and Xodiax.

OrderDog services a wide range of manufacturers including Now Foods, Olympian Labs, Nature’s Way, Nature’s Life and Enzymatic Therapy as well as retailers such as Better Health, Whole Foods and Lassen’s.

For a complete list of customers and a free online OrderDog demonstration visit www.OrderDog.com or call 1.866.364.6733. Visit booth #2900 to see the OrderDog demonstration at Expo West.

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