Organic Endurathon to Blaze across Iowa with Earth Day Agenda

Opportunities for State-Wide Participation Available!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (January 29, 2007) The Organic Endurathon, a one-man 260 mile run across Iowa is about to launch … organically, that is! Steve Shriver, Founder of Cedar Rapids-based Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm, conceived the idea in order to raise awareness of the importance of organic and sustainable living. A devoted athlete, a natural lifestyle devotee and Iowa resident, Steve will run 10 marathons in 10 days totaling 260 miles over Earth Day week (April 13-23) starting at Iowa State University in Ames, passing through Fairfield and Iowa City and ending up in Cedar Rapids. His support crew of 5-6 people will accompany him on bicycle while assisting him in his mission: making strategic stops along the route to educate consumers, schools, businesses, farmers and government officials through planned “organic” activities.

According to Steve, “The act of running across the state of Iowa requires the wise investment of resources necessary to sustain the effort and ensure success, much the same as an organic economy, farming operation or business requires in order to be truly sustainable. We would like to invite people to participate in our efforts to further the organic initiative in our state.”

The Organic Endurathon committee currently consists of founding sponsors, Eco Lips and Frontier Natural Products. Adds Steve, “We’ve talked to a few schools about doing organic lessons to celebrate this event and hope that more get on board. Plus, we plan to help them coordinate their own “run for organic” in which students run for a half mile with me as the Endurathon comes through their town.” Additional partnerships are available offering promotional opportunities for businesses that support the Endurathon mission.

Each mile of the route will be sponsored by corporate and private supporters of organic and sustainable living through monetary donations. Steve and his crew of cyclists will be clothed in organic and recycled performance ware and will eat only organic foods and beverages along the way. Organic product donations and “mile” pledges are currently being accepted. To learn how you can take part on any level, contact Organic Endurathon by email.

The Organic Endurathon Team, an organically-fueled crew of guerilla athletes, believes that the production and consumption of organic food, beverages and lifestyle products is integral to developing enduring personal health and stamina, a healthy environment and a successful organic economy. Eco Lips, Inc. manufactures a full line of the highest quality certified organic lip care products on the planet … changing the world, one set of lips at a time. For more information, please contact [email protected]. See also, and


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