Organic India receives Earth Guardian's “Steward of Our Future” award

Organic India receives Earth Guardian's “Steward of Our Future” award

Earth Guardians presented the herb and tea company with the award for their work on organic agriculture and sustainable consciousness.

Earth Guardians presented ORGANIC INDIA with a “Steward of Our Future” Award for their work on organic agriculture and sustainable consciousness. The award presentation was part of Earth Guardians’ 2011 Annual Earth Guardian Fundraiser, held at the Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place in Boulder, CO.

Earth Guardians’ mission is to educate and assist youth in becoming active caretakers of our precious earth, and to empower them in becoming outspoken environmental leaders, both locally and globally.

Through nature programs, environmental education, message-driven performances and community activism, Earth Guardians provide youth with the knowledge, tools and leadership qualities needed to envision and shape a healthy planet, one that we can all be proud to pass on to our next generations.

“ORGANIC INDIA is a company all its own. Envisioned as a Vehicle of Consciousness, its holistic and sustainable business modality is a beacon for the future,” states Alex Budd of Earth Guardians.

9-year old Earth Guardian Itzcuauhtli Martinez states, “Companies like ORGANIC INDIA really give us hope that we can change the world. They are teaching the people of India how important and easy it is to farm organically. They are leading the way towards creating a sustainable planet.”

“I really want to thank ORGANIC INDIA for their commitment to organic farming and for teaching so many children and families in India to grow organic food. We really love the Tulsi Tea that they grow there. Your work is so important to the kind of world that we will be left with. Thank you,” said 10-year old Earth Guardian Trinity Carter.

ORGANIC INDIA was founded 15 years ago to serve as a Vehicle of Consciousness to demonstrate that a new business modality based on human values and respect for the Earth and all beings could become a reality and be a sustainable business enterprise. ORGANIC INDIA is demonstrating that companies which embody love and consciousness in action can be successful, because they serve others with respect, humility and offer outstanding products.

ORGANIC INDIA applauds the Earth Guardians family for inspiring and empowering young people to take action on their own behalf and to change the world.

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