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Organic Iron Supplement with Virtually No Side Effects Available From Proliant Inc.

October 22, 2002

- Proliant Inc., a protein ingredient company, is in the final research and development stages of providing a truly unique, organic iron supplement, VitaHeme™. VitaHeme™ consists of highly bioavailable heme iron, which is a natural iron complex found in the body.

In order to document its high absorption rate of 15%-40%, VitaHeme™ is being clinically tested in two different studies that are scheduled to be complete in 2003. In both studies, VitaHeme™ will be compared to inorganic iron sources, such as, ferrous sulfate, which has an absorption rate of only 4% to 9%.

A recent national survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control confirms that mild iron deficiency continues to occur in toddlers and young women of childbearing age. While not as severe as anemia, mild iron deficiency has been linked to poorer cognitive development in both infants and adolescents. According to Eric Weaver, VP Proliant Health Division, "VitaHeme™ is the ideal supplement to help overcome both mild iron deficiency and anemia in the U.S. Not only does it deliver the needed, highly absorbable iron but it does so without the nausea, cramping, constipation, and diarrhea that is commonly associated with inorganic iron supplements. VitaHeme’s™ heme iron complex is so natural to the body that it is virtually without side effects."

Nutraceutical Corp. offers the first commercially available product with VitaHeme™ under their KAL® brand of supplements. Ultra Iron™ is available in a 60 count tablet containing 12mgs of elemental iron from VitaHeme™ and may be found in health food stores.

About Proliant

Proliant Inc., located in Ames, Iowa, manufactures and markets protein products for the food, nutrition, human health, nutraceutical, diagnostic, life science research, biopharmaceutical and veterinary industries.


Angie Strotman
Assistant Marketing Manager
Proliant Health Division

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