Organic Maple Syrup Company Taps into a New Name

“Coombs Family Farms” Embodies 7th Generation Farming Family’s Heritage & Environmental Mission

Brattleboro, VT - When customers buy Coombs maple products, they are making their purchase from a company that has harvested 100% pure maple syrup for seven generations. They are also supporting small family farmers that care about environmental stewardship andsustainable forestry. Today, the company is re-launching its name as Coombs Family Farms to communicate this important information about their brand.

“Our new brand name better reflects our mission and heritage,” states President Arnold Coombs. “Over the last year, we have spent a lot of time understanding why customers connect with our brand,” he adds. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the origin of the products they buy and the authentic story behind those products. Many maple syrup brands are marketed by companies that no longer operate maple farms. “Our customers told us that they appreciate the fact that our family has remained an independent maple sugar producer for seven generations,” states Coombs. “Many were surprised and pleased by the fact that I tap 300 year old maple trees that my great-great grandparents tapped and we partner with many of the same small farms they did,” adds Coombs.

Coombs Family Farms is one of the few maple product companies that still manages its own maple farms and buys from hundreds of independent farmers that share their commitment to quality, environmental stewardship and sustainable forestry management. “We know the farmers as individuals, and understand their unique situations, operations and values,” says Coombs. “Our support goes beyond that of simply purchasing their syrup,” he adds. Coombs Family Farms provides much-needed equipment credit, training, and resources to help maintain their family farms and lifestyle for future generations.

All Coombs Family Farms syrups are 100% pure and don’t contain artificial flavors, preservatives or thickeners. Their tree farm uses “Health Spouts” for tree-friendly tapping. “I can remember my grandfather encouraging us to do well by the forest and it will do well by you,” says Coombs. The company’s organic line is certified by OCIA, which ensures that sustainable forestry practices are followed, trees aren’t over-tapped for short-term gain, no pesticides are used on or near the farm and that appropriate cleaning processes are followed.

“Our focus is on maple category growth and communicating the story about the small family farmers who produce maple products with care,” says Coombs. While other companies that market maple products are expanding into non-maple dressings and breakfast mixes, Coombs Family Farms is focused on maple products. “The maple category is under-developed and needs collaborative attention to grow,” notes Coombs. “Maple syrup is a delicious ingredient for recipes year-round – it’s not just for pancakes in the fall and winter,” adds Coombs. Visit for more information or call 888-266-6271.

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