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Organic Raw Foods Pioneer Changes Name to Sunfood Nutrition

San Diego, CA (February 8, 2007) - After more than a decade as the world’s largest distributor of organic raw foods and related books, juicers, and audio/videotapes, Nature’s First Law has changed its name to Sunfood Nutrition™. The new name is derived from the popular nutrition and lifestyle book The Sunfood Diet Success System authored by David Wolfe, the company’s founder. In the near future, Sunfood Nutrition will be announcing a new line of raw superfoods that will be available at retail locations across the nation, and at .

Sunfood Nutrition is a premium brand that will be providing the most nutritious and highest quality foods from around the world, and a wealth of helpful information to lead a healthier lifestyle. “The new name better represents our company’s nutritious offerings and mission,” says Jill Ettinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our aim has been, and will continue to be, to lead the way in promoting the personal and planetary benefits of raw organic superfoods,” she adds. Sunfood Nutrition products are inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture, living in harmony with nature and ethical global cooperation.

The founder of Sunfood Nutrition, David Wolfe, is the leading authority on the raw food philosophy – a lifestyle and diet that has swept through Hollywood and far beyond. He is the author of Eating for Beauty, Naked Chocolate, and The Sunfood Diet Success System, and is one of the most sought-after health and personal success speakers in the world today. David Wolfe conducts over 100 health lectures and hosts five raw adventure retreats each year in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the South Pacific.

Why Raw Superfoods?

Raw plant foods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat, enjoyable, contain thousands of health-giving nutrients, and conform to the biological design of the human digestive system. The sun is the source of all life and raw plant foods represent the purest form of transformed sun energy. There is solid evidence that a living plant food diet eases digestion, boosts energy, and promotes normal cell function. Eating a balanced mix of raw plant foods restores the body on a molecular level - building strong cells, radically naturalizing the body, raising alkalinity, and grounding the person in the natural world.

"You are what you eat" is a concept that has been known in every culture and civilization throughout history. “-Those who wish to heal themselves and the planet, should eat the most healing foods. "Healing foods" means quality, organic, homegrown, or wild foods and/or superfoods in their raw natural state. Sunfood Nutrition and its website are dedicated to helping as many people as possible succeed and prosper with the raw-food lifestyle.

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