Organics industry leaders begin a new conversation

A new conference for senior executives and leaders interested in the thriving organic-products industry is launched this month in Boulder, Colorado. Produced by New Hope Natural Media in partnership with the nonprofit Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) of Santa Cruz, California, the summit will bring together 250 industry leaders to meet, develop ideas, hear timely and relevant speakers, share concerns, renew ideals and common visions, and create strategies for the future of their companies and organizations.

'Renewing the Organic Conversation' is the summit's theme, with a mission to provide a forum for discussion and education about key issues currently facing the industry. Participants will explore topics ranging from the impact of new technologies such as cloning and nanotechnology on organics, to policy and regulatory matters, new marketing methods, financing organics businesses, and advancing dialogue on core organics values.

"My hope is that this conference offers all of the participants a chance to step back and reflect on both the term and the intent of organic. How do we capture the magic that brought us the organic movement and offer it to the next generation of organic advocates?" says Bob Scowcroft, executive director for OFRF. "This retreat environment offers us an excellent opportunity to address these and other questions fundamental to organics' future," he adds.

"This is an excellent opportunity for leaders from all sectors of the organic industry as well as interested newcomers at the executive level to learn from each other and find new synergies for the next wave of organic innovation," says Fredrik M Linder, president of New Hope Natural Media.

The summit will take place at the elegant and environmentally conscious St. Julien Hotel in downtown Boulder, with events including a farmers' market tour, a benefit dinner at Pastures of Plenty Farm in nearby Longmont, all-organic meals, and more.

"… an excellent opportunity to address these and other questions fundamental to organics' future"

— Bob Scowcroft, executive director for OFRF

Topics include:

  • Trends in financing: new money for organics
  • National organic policy: farm bill, appropriations, standards
  • The global organic marketplace: supply and certification challenges
  • Purists and pragmatists: finding a public balance
  • Social philanthropy at the corporate level: underwriting change
  • The organic message: educating, marketing and maintaining consumer confidence
  • The cutting edge of food service
  • State of organic research and visions for the future
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