Organix-South Announces YouTube Video Contest Winner

When it comes to clean, Joel Levinson loves his Organix-South TheraNeem body care products—enough to inspire an award-winning video. Organix-South, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of certified-organic Neem products, has named Levinson’s I Love Neem video the $1,000 prize winner in the company’s first-ever YouTube Video Contest.

With contending entries ranging from rap and documentaries to dirt bike racing and an interview with an herbalist, it was Levinson’s catchy “I Love Neem” tune, zany shower scenes and creative presentation of TheraNeem products that convinced the judges.

“The team could not stop laughing or get the song out of our heads,” said Organix-South CEO Autumn Blum. “We had a lot of good entries; it was a difficult choice.”

The contest rules were simple: produce a video – the crazier the better—that features Organix-South products and post it on between December 15, 2008 and April 30, 2009. “We wanted to do something fun and in the social media arena,” Blum said. “Our customers are really creative, and we were interested in seeing what kind of goofy responses we would get. We were not disappointed!”

See the top contest entries, including I Love Neem, on the Organix South website.

Based in rural central Florida, Organix-South specializes in organic Neem and Ayurvedic supercritical extracts marketed under the TheraNeem and TheraVeda labels. It is ranked the 64th fastest-growing U.S. Company in the consumer products industry by Inc. magazine. Organix-South offers the most complete line of Neem products in the U.S., including capsules, extracts, oral care products, skin and hair care, pet products and a complete line of handmade soaps formulated with certified-organic ingredients. Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and other fine outlets. For more information, see or call 888.989.NEEM.

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