Organix-South expands TheraNeem Pet Care line

Organix-South expands TheraNeem Pet Care line

Vegan and cruelty-free, the line does not contain alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens.

Organix-South expands its TheraNeem Pet Care line with four new pet products containing organic neem oil and other powerful essential oils that help pets stay clean, healthy and protected all year long. Vegan and cruelty-free, the line does not contain alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens. Along with the existing TheraNeem Pet Shampoo, the new line includes:

  • Soothing Therapé Pet Soap is a natural cold-pressed, hand crafted bar with certified organic neem oil that leaves your pet’s sensitive skin and coat feeling clean and smelling great.
  • Herbal Outdoor Therapé Pet Soap is perfect for the active dog with 10 percent certified organic neem oil, offering protection for your pet’s skin from the challenges of the outdoors.
  • Herbal Outdoor Spray for Pets contains powerful, skin-friendly neem leaf and neem oil combined with other soothing and nourishing botanicals to protect and balance your active pet's skin with no sticky or oily feel.
  • Skin Soothing Spray for Pets offers an alcohol free, water-based blend of neem and nourishing botanicals for a skin-balancing solution that soothes chronic skin irritation and cools sensitive skin.

With high levels of natural antioxidants, neem helps protect pet companions from toxic contaminants in the environment. It is safe for all animals, including puppies and kittens over four weeks old. Organix-South's TheraNeem Pet Shampoo has proven over the years to be a safe, natural solution to calm reactions to environmental stresses, soothe chronic skin irritation and promote a healthy response to minor inflammation. It cleanses and revitalizes a pet’s skin and coat without harsh chemicals, soaps or synthetic waxy thickeners All TheraNeem pet care products include supercritical neem extracts, which offer super-concentrated, super-pure and super-therapeutic action for faster results especially when dry, itchy or irritated skin is present.  

According to Autumn Blum, cosmetic chemist and founder of Organix-South, "Consumers are increasingly aware of not only what they are feeding their beloved animals, but also what they are putting on their skin. Just like people, pets are prone to skin irritations from different detergents, chemicals and insect control ingredients. Neem is the safe, natural solution with side benefits instead of side effects."

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