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Organix-South Introduces Organic Neem Facial Complexion Bar for Superior Facial Cleansing

Clearwater, Florida (May 11, 2006) Organix-South, known for its quality selection of Neem body care products and supercritical extracts, introduces TheraNeem Facial Complexion Bar with 90% certified organic ingredients. Especially formulated for sensitive and troubled skin, the new bar is gentle enough for delicate facial cleansing and yet provides cellular rejuvenation and help for “hard to manage” skin types. Made with African wild-harvested shea butter and organic supercritical sea buckthorn extract, as well as organic coconut, palm, extra-virgin olive and jojoba oils, the soap brings a rich lather and soothing feel to the skin. According to Autumn Blum, President and Formulator for the company, “As a cosmetic chemist, I had the challenge of finding the perfect combination of gentle cleansing ingredients that, at the same time, could actively help exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. With 20% organic neem oil along with the other important oils and plants, the skin is enhanced and softened while also being clarified, affording exceptional results for all types of skin.” The 100% natural and cruelty-free 4 oz bar carries a wonderful fragrance of Rose Geranium with Clary Sage and sells for $5.95 retail.

Organix-South uses an “old fashioned” and time-consuming process called “cold-process” for making its complete line of TheraNeem soaps (6 different varieties) to offer consumers a unique soap experience that does not strip or dry out the skin in any way. The soaps are poured into molds, allowed to sit for several days, then hand-cut into bars where they will dry in a controlled environment for several weeks until they are cured. This process also extends the life of the bar by several weeks, lasting far longer than traditionally made soap.

“No synthetic ingredients are used and all the soaps now contain a minimum of 90% organic oils,” adds Autumn, “We did what many said could not be done – we created organic soaps containing 10 to 20% neem oil that are the purest and most concentrated neem soaps available today. Neem’s history as a therapeutic ingredient is widely known in India and now we are offering these healing bars in the US, and other parts of the world. ” Additionally, all Organix-South’s soaps are now packaged in boxes made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable-based, environmentally friendly ink.

Organix-South, Inc. specializes in NEEM and Ayurvedic supercritical extracts that address a growing need for natural, therapeutic skin care and supplementation. Organix-South offers the most complete line of NEEM products available, including Neem Leaf capsules and extracts, oral care, shampoo, conditioner, nail treatment, facial mask, bar soap, skin care, pet products and more. Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and other fine outlets. For more information, see or call 888.989.NEEM.


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