Organix-South Joins Rainforest Action Network

Organix-South, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of certified-organic neem products, has signed the Rainforest Action Network pledge to use only environmentally sensitive palm oil and is calling for other major manufacturers to require standards that protect rainforests.

Demand for palm oil has grown significantly as more consumers recognize the value of vegetable-based oils in skincare products. As a result, palm oil plantations are expanding by 2.5 million acres per year, taking over tropical rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Deforestation is the primary reason that Indonesia is now the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas emitter.

“Our corporate mission has always focused on fair trade and sustainable harvests,” notes Autumn Blum, founder and CEO of Organix-South. “We purchase certified-organic palm oil from Brazil grown on lands that had been cleared decades ago. These organic palm oil forests replace row crows or grasslands that had little environmental benefit.”

“While the palm oil plantations are less diverse than the original native forests, ongoing biological monitoring programs confirm that many species of birds and other wildlife use the forests as habitat,” she adds. Trees are planted further apart than in traditional palm oil plantations, so native plants that provide food and habitat for palm oil pollinators and beneficial insects thrive in their dappled shade.

Organix-South uses palm oil in a line of soap made with 90% certified-organic ingredients including neem, palm and olive oils as well as jojoba and wild-African shea butter.

Based in rural central Florida, Organix-South, Inc. manufactures natural skincare and herbal formulations under the TheraNeem and TheraVeda labels. Each product is scientifically formulated to optimize therapeutic benefits with ingredients that are certified-organic, fairly traded and harvested sustainably.

Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies and other fine outlets. For more information, visit

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