Organix-South® Offers Retailers Innovative, Educational Programs

Bowling Green, Florida (November 7, 2007) Organix-South®, manufacturer of herbal body care products and herbal supplements under the brand names TheraNeem® and TheraVeda®, is pleased to announce their extensive and innovative educational programs for retailers. Headed by Educational Director and Herbalist Trinity Ava, the herbal training programs take place monthly via conference call/webcast presentation structured exclusively for retail staff education. Each month’s schedule and topics can be found on the company’s site at or by contacting Trinity at [email protected] for more information.

With over 10 years of teaching experience in herbalism, Trinity is an expert in herbal medicine, DSHEA compliant language and how to market and sell herbal products in the natural products marketplace. “Each month, Organix-South® will feature a new herbal category as a focal point for our educational seminars. We will define herbs by their actions, i.e. adaptogens, tonics, nervines, etc.,” says Trinity. “Topics include herbs to support a healthy response to stress, women's care and hormonal balance from PMS to menopause, men's care, longevity, healthy sexual energy, liver support, healthy joints and the importance of organic agriculture. These seminars will effect positive change in the entire herbal category at the health food store level.”

According to Autumn Blum, Founder and CEO of Organix-South®, “We want to support our retail partners with sound herbal knowledge and DSHEA compliant language so that they can speak with greater confidence and wisdom when working with their customers.” The trainings offer a broad-spectrum approach that is intended to invite a deeper curiosity into the vast world of herbalism and its depth of empirical use, as well as specific formulas from the TheraVeda® and TheraNeem® line to support these categories. Adds Autumn, “Our commitment to education can help to empower each individual to discover which herbs and herbal formulas can support a healthy lifestyle.”

Retailers are invited to participate monthly in order to best maximize the benefits of the program which include increased sales, improved customer service and greater herbal awareness. In addition to valuable information, the store receives a 15% discount of their next order plus one full size product as a gift and can become eligible for the Organix-South® employee purchasing program. With as many as 10 available dates/times per month, programs are free, easy and last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Organix-South®, Inc. specializes in organic Neem body care products and organic supercritical herbal dietary supplements. The company offers the most complete line of Neem products available, including Neem Leaf capsules and extracts, oral care, hair care, organic bar soaps, skin care, pet products, organic gardening and more. Organix-South® is also proud to offer TheraVeda®, organic supercritical herbal extracts combined with the wisdom of whole herbs as a vegan friendly herbal dietary supplement. Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and other fine outlets. For more information, see or call 888.989.NEEM.


Autumn Blum is available for comment at 888.989.NEEM.

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