Originates Receives EU Hygiene Approval for Fish Oil

Originates EssentiOmega line of fish oil ingredients has been approved by SANCO to be added to the list issued by the Columbian Government stating which companies are allowed to import fish oil products for human consumption to the European Union. These regulations stipulate that establishments, including vessels, handling raw materials like fish must be registered. They cover all 27 members of the EU block and involve full documentation across the supply chain.

“With an ever-growing body of science on the health benefits of Omega 3’s fueling consumer demand, high quality standards are an important aspect in protecting the best interests of consumers and the industry,” said Leslie van der Meulen, Originates Director of Sales “Our ability to provide leading industry manufacturers with EssentiOmega fish oils on a continuous basis is enhanced by having EU hygiene approval. And it’s another example of Originates commitment to quality, innovation and customer specific success.”

With more than 35 years of experience worldwide, Originates produces the highest quality products for human nutrition, cosmetics and animal nutrition.

The company’s Fish Oil Omega 3-concentrates molecular distillation plant is located in Colombia, close to the source of Peruvian Fish Oils. Because of this proximity to raw-material sources, Originates is able to maintain the highest level of raw-material freshness. Originates is equipped to meet demand in both the U.S. and the international market place effectively. With global headquarters in Sunrise, Florida, and warehouses in California and Florida, Originates can easily transport product by air, sea or land anywhere in the world.

For more information please visitwww.originates.com or call 800 999 9373.

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