Orion Therapeutics introduces antioxidant Cantavita

Orion Therapeutics introduces antioxidant Cantavita

Orion Therapeutics launches Cantavita ®, the first time-release “ultra” antioxidant dietary supplement.

Orion Therapeutics, LLC, a Michigan-based biotech company, has introduced Cantavita ®, the first time-release “ultra” antioxidant dietary supplement.

A tablet taken twice daily, Cantavita neutralizes the five major forms of health-damaging free radicals that have been linked to many serious diseases. Many research studies have concluded that elimination of free radicals modulates and maintains healthy cells, tissue and body fluids. Orion Therapeutics believes that Cantavita, a nutraceutical dietary product, will improve general health, wellness and energy levels.

Brunswick Laboratories of Southborough, Massachusetts and Knight Scientific Limited in Plymouth, England have independently verified Cantavita’s industry-leading antioxidant test scores. Manufacturing is done in a current Good Manufacturing Procedures compliant facility in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

“Cantavita is a breakthrough product among dietary supplements,” explained Frederick A. Valeriote, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Orion Therapeutics as well as CEO of 21st Century Therapeutics, a biomedical research firm in Ferndale, Michigan. “Studies show antioxidants are most effective when continuously present in the body,” he said. Cantavita’s time-release formulation maintains a healthy level of antioxidants, providing users with around-the-clock protection.”

“Free radicals are continuously challenging your body,” Valeriote noted. “Cantavita’s unique time-release properties provide an ongoing defense against them.”

Cantavita was developed following a six-year research study and the awarding of a U.S. patent in 2009. It’s tablet form and two-per-day regimen makes it convenient, tasteless and low-cost. A single dose costs less than a cup of coffee.

Available from www.cantavita.com, anyone interested can subscribe to Cantavita’s email newsletter from the home page.

About Orion Therapeutics, LLC

Orion Therapeutics is a Troy, Michigan-based biotech company with a mission to discover, develop and commercialize novel products derived from neutraceutical and food supplement materials to improve human health. Visit www.oriontherapeutics.com.

These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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