Oteegee Innovations Announces New Organic Supplements and Foods Line

Oteegee Innovations Inc. (OTGI 0.37, 0.00, 0.00%) has announced that Oteegee IPR's Anew Organics is preparing to produce and distribute 100% natural and organic products such as nutritional supplements, baby formulas and foods, and the finest grass-fed dairy and beef products.

Anew Organics is dedicated to bringing only the most natural, healthy and green products and services to consumers. These products are to be made from organic foods, processed without high pressure or heat, contain no additives or preservatives, and are hypoallergenic. Oteegee's Anew Organics' Natural, Healthy and Green (NHG) proprietary food production equipment is being designed to maximize the nutritional value and shelf life of Anew's products by mitigating oxidative and physical damage to the delicate nutrients.

Anew Organics plans to utilize Oteegee's renewable energy technologies to further reduce the costs to produce highly nutritious organic powders and oils--the basic foodstuffs that are the mainstay of the food commodities market.

Anew Organics' has formulated, developed, and tested over a dozen new supplemental products, some of which have already received USDA organic certification. These include Chewable Vitamin C-Z (for colds and flu), Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Complexes (to fight and prevent disease), Vitamin B Complex (to combat the effects of stress and ageing), and various Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Complexes for every member of the family from six months and up.

These dietary supplements uniquely differ from most in that they deliver USDA standard levels of vitamins and other vital nutrients from 100% natural and organic foods, and do not contain any synthetics or high-dose isolated vitamins that many studies have shown can be harmful.

Two-thirds of U.S. households regularly use dietary supplements, and the rapidly growing markets in the U.S., Japan and Europe are already over $100 billion a year.

About Us

Oteegee Innovations is the North American investment and distribution arm of a global syndication of commercial and non-profit organizations that source, develop, license and deploy highly innovative technologies and intellectual property in the fields of semiconductors, clean energy, water, health and education.

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