Oxylent powers 8 pro athletes

Oxylent powers 8 pro athletes

Athletes who avoid caffeine, sugar and other stimulants rely on Vitalah's powdered supplement for physical and mental energy. 

“Oxylent athletes have been proving the product pretty much since the inception of the company,” says Lisa Lent, CEO. “Shortly after starting the company, our first athletes signed on to partner with Vitalah, sharing reports of improved concentration, greater stamina and increased energy.”

Today, eight pro athletes wear the colors of Vitalah, incorporating Oxylent into their daily training:

• Tyler Fox, Pro Surfing

• Russ Marchewka, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball

• Ty Tramblie, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball

• Jon Mesko, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball

• Rachelle Pecovsky, Pro Football

• Coco Sanchez, Professional Freestyle Rollerblader

• Alex Fowler, Professional BMX Cycling

• Ricky Castro, Professional BMX Cycling

Newest team member Ricky Castro, a seven-time expert national champion, is a talented and dedicated racer at age 11 who sees himself as a role model for young people. “I drink Children’s Oxylent as my chosen sports drink because it makes my body feel good and I know it does not contain any ingredients that are unhealthy for my body, as I avoid caffeine, sugar and other stimulants. I hope to influence kids to make better choices when it comes to eating and drinking.”

Oxylent is today’s healthy solution to the simple problem of what do you do when your sport or energy drink depletes your health and steals your vital energy. It oxygenates, hydrates, circulates and rejuvenates effectively because this little packet of powder contains high-quality nutrient power.

Simply add the powder to water to make a great-tasting effervescent drink. With no sugar or calories, Oxylent delivers a healthy blend of enzymes, electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

For more on supplement-powered athletes and Olympic-level nutrition, check out Functional Ingredients magazine's full Olympics coverage.

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