PacificHealth Laboratories launches ACCEL RECOVER bars

PacificHealth Laboratories launches ACCEL RECOVER bars

PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of ACCEL RECOVER(R), the first bar nutritionally engineered for maximum muscle recovery.

PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. (otcqb:PHLI), a nutrition technology company, announced the launch of ACCEL RECOVER(R), the first bar nutritionally engineered for maximum muscle recovery.

ACCEL RECOVER was developed by leading exercise physiologists whose cutting-edge research has defined the science of muscle recovery and led to the development of ENDUROX(R) R4(R), the first and still premier recovery beverage. The goal of the PHLI research team was to create a great-tasting bar in which every single nutritional component contributed to muscle recovery. All-natural ACCEL RECOVER is the most exciting advance in bar nutrition in 30 years, with a breakthrough formula that incorporates:

·         Unique blend of three carbohydrates to rapidly and completely replenish depleted muscle glycogen stores

·         Proprietary combination of three proteins enriched with glutamine, arginine and leucine, the amino acids that drive the repair and rebuilding of muscle protein and the rapid transport of nutrients to muscles

·         Medium-chain triglycerides, which rapidly convert into energy rather than fat. No other bar uses MCT's as the primary fat source.

·         Antioxidants to protect muscles from free-radical damage and to regenerate the body's natural antioxidant pathways.

Fred Duffner, President and CEO, said, "ACCEL RECOVER bar represents our commitment to drive innovation through science. ACCEL RECOVER bar addresses endurance athletes' specific recovery needs in a great tasting bar. We will be launching with Performance Bike, Road Runner Sports,, Luke's Locker, Runner's Depot, and over 100 top independent Tri, Bike, and Run dealers. ACCEL RECOVER will be supported by a major marketing effort including full page ads in leading magazines such as Triathlete, Velo News, Lava and Competitor, web advertising, in-store promotion and a comprehensive grassroots campaign."

ACCEL RECOVER comes in chocolate peanut butter flavor and is packaged 12 to a carton. To purchase or learn more about the science of ACCEL RECOVER, visit

About PacificHealth: PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. (otcqb:PHLI), a leading nutrition technology company, has been a pioneer in discovering, developing and commercializing patented, protein-based nutritional products that stimulate specific peptides involved in appetite regulation and that activate biochemical pathways involved in muscle performance and growth. PHLI's principal areas of focus include sports performance and weight loss. To learn more, visit

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