Part 1: Mergers and Acquisitions (Feb. 2005)

[2/28/2005] Numico to Buy Mellin
According to an article on, Netherlands-based Royal Numico has signed an agreement to purchase Italy-based baby food company Mellin from Findim Group for 400m euros (US$529.87m). According to the article, Mellin has a 21% share of the Italian baby food market.
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[2/23/2005] Degussa Sells Fruit Systems Business
According to an article on, Germany-based Degusa has announced that it is selling its Fruit Systems business to US-based private equity firm, Speyside Equity. According to the article, since the business has few synergies with the balance of the company's food ingredients business, it is being sold separately from the planned divestiture of the entire food ingredients unit.
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[2/23/2005] Vital Living Acquires 100% Interest in Wellness Watchers Systems, LLC
US-based supplement company Vital Living Inc. (VTLV) has announced that it has acquired a 100% interest in Wellness Watchers Systems, LLC, formerly a 50/50 joint venture between Vital Living and Wellness Watchers International Inc. According to the company, the product and service offerings will be integrated into Vital Living's wholly owned subsidiary, Doctors For Nutrition Inc.
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[2/23/2005] Northland Cranberries Sells Juice Business
According to an article in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Northland Cranberries has sold its branded juice business to NY-based Apple & Eve, for $10.8 million and an agreement to purchase $6.7 million worth of cranberry concentrate over the next 12 months.
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[2/21/2005] Planet Organic to Acquire 17 Store Chain
Canada-based natural food supermarket operator Planet Organic Health Corp. ((CA:POH) has announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Newfound Health, a profitable company with 17 franchise locations throughout the province of Alberta.
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[2/18/2005] Nutrinnovator in Talks to Buy Provexis
According to an article on, UK-based food and beverage manufacturer Nutrinnovator is in the process of acquiring UK-based functional food company Provexis Limited. According to the article, the transaction follows a joint venture between the two organizations and is intended to be structured as a reverse takeover that involves raising up to £10 million for the group.
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[2/11/2005] Recap of Health Business Partners Mergers and Acquisitions Conference Call
This past week's Health Business Partners (HPB) M and A call was a success, with more than 40 participants and with a number of industry sub-segments represented. The call, a direct result of high interest in this area, was the first of a series planned by HBP over the course of the year. "We are asked all the time by buyers and sellers what is going on with M&A valuations, deal structures and buyer's appetites. Today's call and our forthcoming market update report are convenient ways to provide the information, guidance and answers to those questions, " notes HBP's Mike Chase. "Buyer interest is high - up and down the value chain. We will be doing the update call more frequently, our next call will be March 8, because there is so much activity in the M&A market right now and we anticipate a number of transactions closing shortly."
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[2/8/2005] Life-science-man Invests in Food Safety and Health
Finland-based regulatory and business consultancy Life-science-man, has announced that it is acquiring clinical research and food/nutrition development organization Food Files, a subsidiary of Medikalla Group, in a merger intended to create a turnkey solution provider offering services from product development to international marketing.
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[2/4/2005] Merger & Acquisition Pace Accelerates in Nutritional Products and Consumer Healthcare Industries – No Slow Down Seen in 2005
US-based investment bank, Health Business Partners (HBP) notes that the supplement segment of the Nutritional Products industry has not been this hot since 1998, as it prepares for a conference call February 8, 2005 at 4:00 PM EST to share the highlights from its Merger & Acquisition Market Update Report covering the Nutrition and Consumer Healthcare industries. According to the company, the report identifies an upswing of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, rising transaction multiples and a significant influx of buyers.
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