Part 2: Licensing, IP and Alliances (June/August 2005)

Companies in the News: Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc., Phytomedics Inc., McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, PharmaNutrients, Humanetics Corporation, Martek Biosciences Corporation, Pasteur Milk Co., Ltd., Semper AB, EuroPharma, Inc., VitaPlant, Pharming Group N.V., Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Leatherhead Food International, Genetic ID (Europe) AG, Leiner Health Products, MonoSol Rx, The Solae Company, Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., Yeo Hiap Seng Limited, Senomyx, Inc., Kraft Foods Global, Inc., Acatris, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Sabinsa Corporation, Technical Sourcing International, Inc., Blue Spring Wellness LLC, Cognis Corp., Golden Hope Plantations Berhad, Lipid Technologies Provider AB, Global Pharmatech, Inc., Jilin Natural Pharmatech Group Co. Ltd., Solbar Industries Ltd., Ingredients Inc., Glanbia, Corman.

[8/31/2005] Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., Re-Enforces the South East Asian market
Canada-based Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. (NTB - TSX Venture) has announced the appointment of three new distributors in the South East Asia market, which includes Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
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[8/31/2005] Phytomedics Inc. Announces Collaboration with McNeil Nutritionals, LLC
US-based biopharmaceutical company Phytomedics Inc. has announced an agreement with McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson company, for the development and commercialization of novel botanical therapeutics.
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[8/19/2005] PharmaNutrients Awarded CLA Patent Addressing Stress Catabolic Response
US-based ingredients company PharmaNutrients has announced that it has been awarded US Patent # 6,927,239 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, entitled “Methods and Compositions for the Attenuation and/or Prevention of Stress Catabolic Response."
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[8/17/2005] Humanetics Corporation Receives Registration Mark for 7-Keto®
US-based Humanetics Corporation has announced that it has received notice of registration for the trademark of the phrase 7-Keto® from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (#2,964,802).
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[8/17/2005] Martek Signs Two New Infant Formula Licensees
US-based Martek Biosciences Corporation (MATK) has announced that infant formula companies Pasteur Milk Co., Ltd. and Semper AB have signed license agreements for use of Martek's docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA) in infant formula. Pasteur's license covers South Korea and Sweden-based Semper's license includes Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania.
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[8/12/2005] EuroPharma® Forms Joint Venture with Swiss Research Institute VitaPlant
US-based EuroPharma, Inc. has announced that President Terry Lemerond has entered into a joint venture with VitaPlant, the Swiss research institute for phytopharmaceutical products, to bring products researched by VitaPlant and develop partnerships with US marketing companies to introduce the products in the US.
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[8/10/2005] Pharming Receives Japanese Patent On Recombinant Human Lactoferrin
Netherlands-based Pharming Group N.V. (Euronext: PHARM) has announced that it has been granted a patent on recombinant human lactoferrin (rhLF), covering the production and purification of recombinant human lactoferrin with Pharming technology as well as its use in food formulations, from the Japanese Patent Office.
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[8/10/2005] Unigen Pharmaceuticals Forms Collaboration on Novel Skin Lightening Ingredient
Ingredient company Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the establishment of a research and development collaboration with Dr. David E. Minter of Texas Christian University (TCU) for the development of a novel skin lightening product derived from a medicinal plant. According to the company, the mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin.
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[8/9/2005] Strategic GMO Testing Collaboration Provides Unique 'One Stop Shop' Lab Services
Leatherhead Food International (LFI), and Genetic ID (Europe) AG have announced a strategic collaboration offer a complete range of GMO testing and comprehensive analytical services for the European food industry.
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[8/8/2005] Leiner Health Products Strikes Deal With MonoSol Rx to Sell New Over-the-Counter Drug and Vitamin Strips
US-based store brand supplement supplier Leiner Health Products has announced an agreement with US-based delivery technology company MonoSol Rx under which Leiner will exclusively sell the MonoSol Rx's patented film technology in store brand OTC strips, and will use the same film technology in its new Shortcuts(TM) brand supplement strips.
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[8/5/2005] Martek Receives Favorable European Patent Ruling
US-based nutraceutical company Martek Biosciences Corporation (Nasdaq: MATK) has announced that the Company's patent on DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) oil, which covers DHA-rich microbial oils and methods for producing DHA-rich microbial oils, has been upheld by the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office.
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[8/4/2005] The Solae Company Enters Into New Agreement with Major Chinese Corporation
US-based soy products company The Solae Company has announced that it has expanded its partnership with China-based Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group, to build and operate an isolated soy protein manufacturing facility in China.
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[8/3/2005] Hain Celestial Announces Asian Alliance With Yeo Hiap Seng Limited
US-based natural, organic and personal care company The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (HAIN) has announced signing of investment agreements between Hain Celestial and Singapore-based natural food and beverage company Yeo Hiap Seng Limited and its subsidiary, with the intention of pursuing joint interests in food marketing and product development. According to the company, these opportunities are to include development in areas of food and nutrition, marketing, branding and the expansion of distribution channels and geographical markets as well as cross-selling.
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[8/1/2005] Senomyx Announces Agreement for Two-Year Extension of Collaboration With Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
US-based flavor technology company Senomyx, Inc. (SNMX) has announced an agreement for a two-year extension of the collaborative research phase under its discovery and development agreement with Kraft Foods Global, Inc. According to the company, Kraft Foods has agreed to pay Senomyx discovery and development funding of over $2.7 million over the extension period, and Senomyx will be entitled to royalty payments based on sales of Kraft products containing any flavor enhancers developed under the agreement.
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[7/27/2005] Acatris, ADM Reach Licensing Agreement on Soy Isoflavones
Netherlands-based Acatris and US-based Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) have announced a licensing agreement on the sale and marketing of soy germ isoflavones under which Acatris customers gain access to ADM's intellectual property portfolio covering production processes and labeling statements for soy isoflavones, enabling these companies to market and sell supplements carrying certain women’s health claims.
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[7/27/2005] Sabinsa Corporation Awarded 2005 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award
Ingredient company Sabinsa Corporation has announced that it has been awarded the Research & Development Council of New Jersey's 2005 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award in the Consumer/Small Company category for its U.S. Patent #6,849,645, method of increased bioavailability of nutrients and pharmaceutical preparations with tetrahydropiperine and its analogues and derivatives.
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[7/26/2005] Technical Sourcing Receives Favorable Review Regarding Patent Application For Promilin Fenugreek Extract
Technical Sourcing International, Inc. (TSI) has announced that one of its international patent applications, “Fenugreek Seed Bio-Active Compositions and Methods for Extracting Same,” has received a favorable review by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, acting as the International Preliminary Examining Authority on behalf of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
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[7/20/2005] EuroPharma® and Blue Spring Wellness™ Sign Licensing and Distribution Agreement, Solidifying EuroPharma's Move into Its R&D Role
EuroPharma’s president Terry Lemerond announced a licensing and distribution agreement with Blue Spring Wellness LLC for that company to market and sell all current and existing products under the EuroPharma brand. The agreement includes trademarks, the use of the EuroPharma name in search engines and access to EuroPharma’s intellectual property for the products covered under the agreement.
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[7/14/2005] Cognis, Malaysian Partner to Expand Venture
According to an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Germany-based Cognis Corp. and Malaysia-based and Golden Hope Plantations Berhad have signed an agreement to expand their existing partnership in the oleochemicals business. According to the article, Golden Hope, which has had a partnership with Cognis since 1989, is attempting to become an integrated global producer and processor of vegetable oils and fats, while Cognis, wants to focus on more profitable niches such as consumer-care ingredients.
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[7/14/2005] DSM to Develop Weight Management Ingredient
According to an article on Food Ingredients First, Sweden-based Lipid Technologies Provider AB (LTP) has signed an exclusive, worldwide sales and marketing agreement for DSM to promote Lipid Technologies Olibra(TM) appetite control and weight management agreement.
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[7/12/2005] Global Pharmatech Receives New Innovation Patent for Echinocystic Acid
According to an article on, US-based Global Pharmatech, Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, China-based Jilin Natural Pharmatech Group Co. Ltd. has received a patent from China's State Intellectual Property Bureau for the processes relating to extraction and purification of echinocystic acid from the pod of gleditsia sinensis lam. The patent also covers the use of the material for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
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China, US Reach Deal on IPR Protection

[7/11/2005] Solbar Stregthen Its Position in North America
Israel-based soy ingredients company Solbar Industries Ltd. has announced an alliance with US-based consulting group Ingredients Inc. where Ingredients Inc. will focus on market segments where Solbar has been inactive and enhance its current supply chain in North America.
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[7/5/2005] Glanbia Launches Joint Venture With Belgians
According to an article on Business world, Ireland-based Glanbia, in co-operation with Belgium-based Corman, has formed a new company called Corman Miloko Ireland to boost its dairy spreads and butterfat products.
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