Part 4: Industry and Market (Feb. 2005)

[2/28/2005] Texas Tech Admits Violating Dietary Supplement Rules
According to an Associated Press article on CNN, Texas Tech officials have acknowledged that staff have violated NCAA regulations by purchasing and providing disallowed dietary supplements to student-athletes over a 30-month period.
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[2/23/2005] Organic Food & Beverage Sales Increase 18%; Household Penetration Decreases
US-based The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), in its 2005 Organic Consumer Trends Report(TM), notes that while sales of organic products rose 18% to $10.9 billion in 2004, approximately 30% of US households (62 million households, down from 40% in 2003, use organic products. The report identifies, four types of organic consumers: Devoteds, Temperates, Dabblers and Reluctants.
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[2/22/2005] Organic Food Booms in Chinese Province
According to an article in the China Daily, China's Heilongjiang Province, an important grain producing region, is expected to increase organic food production by 18% this year, with total area of about 1.87 million hectares, or 20% of the region's total arable land. According to the article, last year, 11.1 million metric tons of organic food was produced for a sales income of 13.2 billion yuan (US$1.59 billion).
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[2/18/2005] SourceOne Announces IP Non-GMO Certification
Ingredient supplier SourceOne™ Global Partners has announced that Beijing Gingko Group, supplier of soy-based vitamin E, phytosterol and isoflavone products, has received non-GMO Identity Preservation certification for several of its proprietary Ginnovay(TM) ingredients.
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[2/16/2005] Korean Health Supplement Market Growing
According to an article in Korea's Joonang Daily, last year’s Health-Functional Food Law requiring health supplements to pass animal as well as lab studies, and imposing new labeling requirements is beginning to restore consumer confidence. In February 2006, manufacturers will need to comply with international manufacturing regulations with companies increasing investments, and new companies entering the marketplace. According to the article, the market has more than doubled in 10 years, from 970 billion won ($945.3 million) in 1995 to 2 trillion won in 2004.
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[2/16/2005] Blue California ISO 9001 Certified
US-based ingredient company Blue California has announced that the company has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard, presented to the company by Underwriter Laboratories Inc.
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[2/15/2005] Study Examines Dietary Supplement Use
According to an article on WebMD, a study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine (Kelly, J. Archives of Internal Medicine, Feb. 14, 2005; vol 165: pp 281-286) presents the results of phone interviews conducted between 1998 and 2002 on dietary supplement use, finding that the percentage of people using supplements increased from 14.2% in 1998 to 18.8% in 2002. The researchers note that the use peaked at 19.8% in 2001 and state that the overall increase over the four years is largely due to lutein use, negligible in 1998, and in 2002, the most commonly used supplement.
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[2/15/2005] U Of M EstablishesCenter For Dietary Supplement Safety
Researchers from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy have developed a center to collect data on the safety of dietary supplements and adverse effects. Goals for the center include serving as a clearing house for data on safety related issues associated with supplement use; publishing reports on product safety; developing a national supplement product database of ingredients; and promoting dialog about supplements between manufacturers, health care providers, the public and regulators.
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[2/10/2005] Industry Execs Explore Goals, Opportunities at Focus on the Future
Virgo Publishing has reported on last week's Focus on the Future executive event where over 140 industry leaders participated in networking, educational sessions and industry discussion.
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[2/9/2005] Glanbia Nutritionals Introduces Sports Nutrition Web Site
Glanbia Nutritionals, part of Ireland-based ingredient company Glanbia plc has announced the launch of a consumer-focused sports nutrition web site at According to the company, the site is intended to educate sports enthusiasts in the athletic and health benefits of whey proteins and the processing techniques that affect their purity.
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[2/8/2005] L-Carnitine Plus Q-Gel® Product Receives Verification from USP's Verification Program for Dietary Supplements
US-based supplement company Tishcon Corp. has announced that the company's Carni Q-Gel Forte has met the verification process of the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) Verification Program for dietary supplements and so the USP verification mark will appear on the front panel of this product in addition to the six products previously verified.
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[2/3/2005] European Cancer Patients Using Alternative Therapy
According to a Reuters Health article, reporting on an Europe-wide study of complementary and alternative therapies published in the Annals of Oncology, more than one third of cancer patients in Europe use alternative medicine, with use ranging by country from nearly three quarters in Italy to less than 15% in Greece. According to the article, herbs, homeopathy, medicinal teas and vitamin and mineral supplements were the most common of the 58 treatments mentioned. more than one third of cancer patients.
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[2/2/2005] Natural Products Expo West 2005 Demonstrates Growth of the Health and Nutrition Industry
New Hope Natural Media's Natural Products Expo West will run March 17 to 20, at the AnaheimConvention Center, Anaheim, Calif. and is expected to draw 36,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors.
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[2/1/2005] Sabinsa Corporation Ingredients Certified by NSF International
Ingredient company Sabinsa Corporation has announced that it has received NSF certification for several of its ingredients including Gugulipid® 40 mesh 2.5 percent extract; Curcumin C3 Complex®; Tribulus terrestris 20 percent extract; Indole-3-Carbinol; and Triphala Extract.
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