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Part 7: Products & Services (April 2005)

[4/29/2005] Shugr Announces Shugr 5X and Shugr 10X for Commercial Users
US-based Swiss Research, Inc., a Health Sciences Group company, has announced the introduction of Shugr 5X(TM) and Shugr 10X(TM) version of its natural, zero-calorie sweetener, intended for the formulation of cookies, desserts, beverages, baked goods, compressible tablets.
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[4/28/2005] Herbalife Launches Into U.S. Energy Drink Market With LIFTOFF Effervescent Energy Drink
US-based network marketer Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) has announced its entry into the US energy drink market with the introduction of LIFTOFF(TM) effervescent energy drink dietary supplement, a sugar-free, zero-calorie, effervescent energy drink in a dissolvable tablet form, containing a blend of natural herbs, plus taurine, guarana, and caffeine for energy, and Ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng.
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[4/27/2005] Introducing Ancient Sun® Wild Certified Organic Blue Green Algae
US-based Ancient Sun® has introduced Blue Green Algae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) that are Certified Organic; Kosher; Halal; fresh, Refractance Window™ dried; wild harvested, and non-cultivated and sold under the brand names Crystal Manna(TM) and Blue Manna(TM).
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[4/26/2005] Herbalife Launches NouriFusion, MultiVitamin Skin Care for Outer Nutrition
US-based network-marketing company Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) has announced the introduction of NouriFusion(TM) MultiVitamin Skin Care, a 12 product line intended to replace the company's Dermajectics(TM) Nature's Mirror(TM) line, each containing vitamins A, C and E plus additional ingredients. The launch is occurring simultaneously in 23 countries.
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[4/26/2005] Amino Vital(R) Introduces Two Unique Sports Supplement Bars
Sport supplement brand Amino Vital(R), distributed by the Nutraceuticals Division of Ajinomoto U.S.A., Inc., has introduced two new amino acid sports bars - Amino Vital(R) Prepare and Amino Vital(R) Repair. According to the release, both bars contain the combination of branched-chain amino acids -- arginine and glutamine, and the Prepare pre-sports bar has 2,400 milligrams of amino acids, 4 grams of protein and 50 grams of simple and complex carbohydrates, while the Repair post-sports bar has 2,400 milligrams of amino acids, 290 calories, 45 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of fast- and slow-acting proteins.
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[4/25/2005] Cyvex Launches PomActiv(TM)
US-based ingredient supplier Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. has announced the expansion of the companies red antioxidant category with the introduction of PomActiv(TM), a patented proprietary pomegranate derivative rich in phenolic compounds.
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[4/25/2005] Desiccant Dispenser Designed For Nutraceutical and Vitamin Supplement Operations
US-based sorbent company Multisorb Technologies has announced the introduction of the APA 1000 desiccant dispensing system from Active-Pak Automation, a system which automatically inserts desiccant and oxygen absorber sachets at rates up to 120 per minute, providing product protection from moisture and oxidation, and extending shelf life.
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[4/22/2005] Country Life Introduces New Extra Strength Omega Flax Seed Oil Product
US-based supplement company Country Life® has announced the introduction of Maximized Omega Extra Strength Flax Seed Oil containing 70% alpha-Linolenic Acid Omega-3 fatty acids per soft-gel.
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[4/20/2005] Prevention Magazine and Windmill Health Products Introduce Prevention Premium Vitamins and Supplements
US-based Rodale Inc.'s Prevention(R) health magazine, has announced that it is launching a line of vitamins and supplements under license with US-based supplement manufacturer Windmill Health Products.
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[4/15/2005] Nisshin Pharma to Introduce New CoQ10 Supplement
According to an article on Japan's corporate News Network, Nisshin Pharma, part of Nisshin Seifun, has announced that it will introduce Water-soluble Q10 Hard Capsule, containing a high-concentration water-soluble coenzyme Q10 for mail order distribution beginning next week.
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[4/14/2005] Eat Well Be Well Foods, Inc. Launches Brand with New Sugar-free Products
US-based Eat Well Be Well Foods, Inc. is set to introduce new sugar- and sugar-alcohol-free products under the Eat Well Be Well brand, including three granola cereals, two hot cereals, two granola bars and two chocolate bars.
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[4/14/2005] New from Nature’s Harmony® - SMARTFISH® Children’s Supplement
Canada-based Nature’s Harmony® has introduced SMARTFISH® Omega-3 fish oils supplement, which features a complete daily dosage of Omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for children, in a creamy emulsion with a light orange taste, packaged in a single serving sachet.
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[4/14/2005] PowerBar Introduces POWERBAR(R) PRIA(R) COMPLETE NUTRITION Bars and Shakes
PowerBar, owned and operated by Nestle SA, has announced an expansion of its PRIA(R) women's nutrition product line with an offering of nutrient-dense bars and shakes specifically formulated for women. The line, POWERBAR(R) PRIA(R) COMPLETE NUTRITION, delivers 40-50% of women's recommended daily value of calcium, with 170 calories and low sugar levels and includes three bars and two shakes.
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[4/13/2005] OrderDog Tailors Service Levels to Further Meet Independent Retailers' Needs
US-based technology company OrderDog(TM), Inc. has announced the introduction of service levels intended to offer independent retailers the company's software for order management with different levels of inventory hardware.
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[4/12/2005] Pharmline Introduces Hi-Fil(TM) - Highly Bioavilable Lutein Beadlets
US-based ingredient supplier Pharmline has announced the introduction of its patent-protected Hi-Fil(TM) Lutein Beadlets, appropriate for use in two-piece capsules, tablets and premixes.
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[4/8/2005] New from Ayurceutics, Mangosteen, Triple-standardized
Ayurceutics has announced the launch of a high potency extract of the tropical fruit, Mangosteen. According to the company, the product provides high levels of the beneficial compounds Gamma-mangostin, a xanthone, together with flavonoids and tannins.
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[4/8/2005] Gatorade Launches Propel® Vitamin Supplement in Canada
According to a release on RunnersWeb, Gatorade has introduced its Propel(R) Vitamin Supplement to the Canadian market, a product made with the same formulation as the company's Propel Fitness Water available in the United States, but regulated in Canada as a Natural Health Product.
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[4/8/2005] Givaudan Flavours Introduces TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness
France-based Givaudan Flavours has announced the introduction of TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness, a program intended to provide essential ingredients such as maskers, modifiers, and enhancers, along with the experience and knowledge to utilize the portfolio in customized ways.
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[4/7/2005] Japan's HABA Laboratories to Launch New Skin Oil Containing CoQ10
According to an article on Japan's Corporate News Network, Japan=based HABA Laboratories is set to launch SQUA Q10, a skin care product containing coenzyme Q10, squalene oil and vitamin E, intended to restore the skin and provide anti-aging effects.
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[4/6/2005] Natural Emphasis Launches Fuel Natural Endurance Bars
Canada-based natural product company Natural Emphasis has announced the introduction of three organic varieties of the company's Fuel Natural Endurance Bars - Chocolate Crunch, Apple Caramel and Chocolate Espresso.
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[4/6/2005] Cognis Launches Gelatin-Free Xangold 10% Natural Lutein Esters Beadlet
Germany-based Cognis Nutrition & Health has announced the introduction of its first vegetarian lutein esters beadlet, Xangold® 10% GFB, targeted at nutritional supplement and dry food formulation applications.
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[4/6/2005] Nature’s Path Continues to Innovate with Post-Exercise Recovery Cereal
Canada-based Nature’s Path Foods has announced the introduction of Optimum(TM) ReBound(TM) cereal, a product specifically formulated for optimal post-exercise muscle recovery and fuel replenishment. According to the company, the product contains an all organic combination of bananas, almonds, raisins, flax, soy and Matcha green tea with a touch of cinnamon.
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[4/4/2005] Triarco Introduces Nopalean
US-based ingredient company Triarco has introduced Nopalean™, a concentrate from the leaves of the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica).
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