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Part 7: Products & Services (Mar. 2005)

Companies in the News: Medical Research Institute, Jason Natural Products, Earth's Best, Degussa Food Ingredients, Life Solutions Natural Products, Chr. Hansen, Hero Nutritional Products, Lyflo Select, Ocean Nutrition Canada, Inc., Morinaga Milk, First Horizon Pharmaceutical(R) Corporation, Jamba Juice, Everlast Worldwide Inc., Arkopharma/Health From the Sun, Nurture, Inc., Milkhaus Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Discovery L.L.C., Natural Health Science Inc., Indena, U.S.A., B & D Nutritional Ingredients, Antibioticos Group, Kellogg Co., Martek Biosciences Corp., OrderDog Inc.

[3/31/2005] Medical Research Institute Introduces Glucotize(TM)
US-based supplement company Medical Research Institute has announced the availability of Glucotize(TM), a patented, controlled-release formulation of alpha-lipoic acid.
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[3/25/2005] Jason Natural Products(R) and Earth's Best(R) Team Up to Introduce Earth's Best Body Care
US-based natural personal care company Jason(R), part of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (HAIN) has teamed up with organic food company Earth's Best(R) to introduce Earth's Best Baby Body Care by Jason, a line of six gentle, hypo-allergenic formulas to nourish babies' skin with natural and organic ingredients. The line includes 2-in-1 Shampoo and BodyWash in Lavender, Everyday Lotion in Lavender, Extra Rich Therapy Creme in Calendula, Diaper Relief Ointment, Baby Oil and Chemical Free Sunblock SPF 30+.
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[3/24/2005] Degussa Introduces ALA SOL to Market
Germany-based Degussa Food Ingredients has announced the market introduction of ALA SOL, a product made up of alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Polysorbate converted into clear, stable, water-free particles, for use in beverages, in soft gel formulations and for further processing in foods. According to the company, Degussa has taken over the marketing of ALA SOL from Germany-based Aquanova.
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[3/24/2005] Life Solutions Natural Products Introduces All Natural Liquid Sweetener
US-based supplement company Life Solutions Natural Products has introduced Liquid Lo Han Sweetener at the recently concluded Natural Products Expo West. According to the company, the product is made from the Chinese fruit of the same name, and is all natural.
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[3/23/2005] Chr. Hansen's Introduces New Line of Wine Extracts for the Prepared Food Industry
Denmark-based Chr. Hansn has announced the introduction of a new line of wine extracts, the Classico and Comtempo range, developed for the prepared food industry, and intended to offer a cost effective alternative to using and reducing wine.
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[3/21/2005] Hero Nutritional Products Adds Three New Formulas To Juice For Life Dietary Supplement Line
US-based Hero Nutritional Products ha announced the introduction of three new formulas to its Juice for Life line of dietary supplements. The new products are Juice for Life Whole Food Multi-Vitamin, Juice for Life Enzyme Formula and Juice for Life Green Foods Powder.
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[3/21/2005] New Line of Natural Health Supplements Launched for Chiropractors and Other Health Professionals
US-based supplement company Lyflo Select has announced the introduction of a line of supplements targeted at chiropractors and other practitioners. According to the company, the Lyflo Select line will contain 10 condition targeted products.
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[3/21/2005] Hero Nutritional Products Launches Yummi Blast Line of Childrens Supplements
US-based Hero Nutritional Products has announced the introduction of Yummi Blast, a line of nutrition boosters for children that can be mixed with water to create a nutritional drink or eaten straight from the package, similar to a pixie stick. The line is available in five formulas.
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[3/16/2005] MEG-3(TM) Brand Food Ingredient –Three US Bread Launches
Ocean Nutrition Canada, Inc. (ONC) has announced that the company's MEG-3(TM) Brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA ingredient, has been or will be incorporated into the products of three major US bread manufacturers. According to the company, in January, New York based Wegmans Food Markets Inc. introduced three breads containing MEG-3(TM) ingredients, in February, New Jersey-based The Baker launched healthy whole grain bread containing MEG-3(TM) ingredients and in late April, Arnold Foods Company will launch Arnold® Smart & Healthy(TM) 100% whole wheat bread containing the same Omega-3 fish oil ingredient.
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[3/15/2005] Morinaga Milk Industry to Introduce New Drink Yogurt
According to an article on, Japan-based dairy company Morinaga Milk Industry will introduce a new yogurt drink product, Bifidus Drink Yogurt, later this month. According to the article, the product contains Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and a reduced amount of sugar.
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[3/15/2005] First Horizon Introduces OptiNate, a New Prenatal Vitamin
US-based First Horizon Pharmaceutical(R) Corporation (FHRX) has announced the introduction of OptiNate(TM), a premium prescription prenatal vitamin containing vegetarian-sourced omega-3 fatty acid predominantly in the form of DHA, as well as Metafolin(R), a patented compound that is a biologically active form of folate.
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[3/14/2005] Jamba Juice Taps into New Energy with Matcha & Acai
US-based smoothy and juice company Jamba Juice has announced the introduction of Matcha green tea and Acai as ingredients in a new category of natural energy-enhancing drinks.
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[3/14/2005] Everlast Worldwide Inc. Announces Debut of Everlast Nutrition for Latinos
US-based sporting goods and apparel company Everlast Worldwide Inc. (EVST) has announced the introduction of Everlast Nutrition for Latinos, a line, which, according to the company, will be targeted towards the Latino market using Latino taste profiles and Spanish language packaging. The line will initially consist of 8 SKU's including 1 energy drink, 3 nutrition bars and 4 vitamin supplements.
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[3/14/2005] Newfoundland Researchers, Chinese to Develop Seal Oil Nutrient
According to an article on, researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland have singed a deal with a Chinese pharmaceutical company to develop and market a seal oil-based nutritional product that would be distributed through Chinese hospitals.
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[3/11/2005] Arkopharma/Health From The Sun Introduces Diet®
Arkopharma/Health From the Sun has announced the introduction of Diet, where ten herbs in this liquid concentrate targeted at weight loss, get mixed in decreasing amounts, with one quart of water, over a ten day period.
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[3/7/2005] Health from the Sun(R)’s Presents New of Pure Fish Oils offered in Fish Gelatin Capsules
Health from the Sun®, a division of Arkopharma has introduced its new line, Health From the Sea(TM) Pure Fish Oils. According to the company, each product in the line of 12 is made from pure fish body oils from deep sea cold-water fish, molecularly distilled, flavored with natural orange oil, and produced in fish gelatin capsules.
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[3/4/2005] OatVantage(TM) Capsules Hit The Market
US-based Nurture, Inc. has announced that the company's concentrated source of oat bran, OatVantage(TM) is now available in capsule form in more than 10,000 health food stores, vitamin shops, and other retail outlets.
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[3/4/2005] Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc. Introduces ProstaCycle(R)
US-based Milkhaus Laboratory, in collaboration with the Consumer Health Division of the Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery L.L.C. (IPD), has introduced ProstaCycle(R), its first product in the Milkhaus Men's Health line of nutritional supplements.
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[3/2/2005] Natural Health Science Launches Prelox(R)
US-based supplement company Natural Health Science Inc. has announced the introduction of Prelox®, a patented dietary supplement targeted at supporting erectile quality.
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[3/1/2005] Indena Offers Patented Soyselect(R) Soy Isoflavones To Vitamin Manufacturers
Ingredient supplier Indena, U.S.A. has announced that its soy isoflavone product SoySelect® is now available to vitamin manufacturers. According to the company, the product features two active constituents - isoflavones and saponins, and is one of the few soy isoflavone ingredients to be supported by two human clinical trials in postmenopausal women.
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[3/1/2005] Natural Beta Carotene Now Available from B&D Nutritional Ingredients Inc.
B & D Nutritional Ingredients has announced the introduction of a line of Natural Beta Carotene products from Vitatene, a subsidiary of the Antibioticos Group, Milan, Italy. The company is the exclusive sales agent for Vitatene in North America, and is offering Betanat® 10% CWD, Betanat® 20% CWD, and Betanat® 30% Oil.
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[3/1/2005] Kellogg to Develop Heart-Healthy Products
According to an Associated Press article on CBS Marketwatch, US-based Kellogg Co., based on a 15 year supply agreement with Martek Biosciences Corp. for that company's docosahexaenoic (DHA) product, could launch a series of heart-healthy products in mid-2006.
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[3/1/2005] Introduction of OrderDog's Next Generation iPOS Provides Additional Value to Retailers
US-based technology company OrderDog Inc. is set to introduce their second generation iPOS (TM) Point of Sale system at Natural Products Expo West tradeshow and conference, March 17-20, 2005 in Anaheim, California.
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