Pasco Beverage Company Introduces Less-Cal/Less Carb Orange Juice Cocktail

Apple Juice, Fruit Punch and Lemonade Coming Soon

DADE CITY, Fla. – (January 13, 2004) -- Responding to the advice of America’s leading Health Advocates and requests of their estimated 35 million followers, Pasco Beverage Company today announced the introduction of a Less-Cal/Less-Carb orange juice cocktail with 45 per cent less calories and carbohydrates than regular orange juice, but with the same great taste and the same nutritional value. The company also said this introduction will soon be followed by Less-Cal/Less-Carb Apple Juice, Fruit Punch and Lemonade.

"We are truly excited about this first in a series of innovations that directly respond to the health and obesity issues that are in the forefront these days and of concern to everyone from school age children to seniors," said Pasco Beverage Chief Operating Officer John C. Minton. "This is a real breakthrough since our product offers major reductions in calories and carbs without sacrificing taste and nutritional value. In addition, we have a series of new less-carb products scheduled for near term introduction."

"We’ve given our corporate brand customers a solid opportunity to cash in on the first of a series of products that effectively address the consumers concern for beverages that offer reduced calories and carbohydrates plus great taste and nutritional values," said Minton. "This is true testimony to the high levels of innovation, quality and technology Pasco Beverage brings to the industry and marketplace. With the sale of our chilled business our employees have been able to fully focus on the future and these products are the initial results of those efforts. We believe they will be a big hit with our consumers," he added.

Pasco Beverage Company is the leading private label juice and juice beverage supplier in North America. The company has operations here, Chicago and Fontana, California For more information, visit or call 800-243-3761.

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