Patented label Design Gives Manufacturers New Message Delivery Capabilities

Toronto, Canada (August 17, 2004) – IdeaPacked Communications announces the introduction of ‘Rotating Label Technology’ to the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industry. This technology involves covering a fixed “inner” label or printed base with a moveable partly-transparent “outer” label through which parts of the fixed label or printed base can be seen by rotating the outer label.

Rotating Label technology offers significant benefits for consumer packaged products, including:
- Cost-effective and user-friendly information advantage;
- Significant cost advantage — typically 30%-plus — over existing extended content labels (“ECL");
- Retail-friendly label — no more “unpacked” ECL clutter on-shelf
- Consumer interactivity and ease-of-use, offering significant brand and/or promotion exposure enhancement;
- Co-operative branding opportunities, e.g., for name-brand ingredients;
- Cross-merchandising;
- On-pack promotion and On-pack coupons.

“Rotating Label technology is perhaps the single most significant advance in labelling information delivery capabilities of the last century,” according to Leslea Macaulay, Corporate Director, IdeaPacked Communications. “ This system nearly doubles a manufacturer’s ‘real estate’ and is perfect for leading companies working with branded ingredients or for innovative promotional campaigns.”

IdeaPacked Communications is the exclusive licensing agent for patented Rotating Label technology, having secured global rights effective March 1, 2004. The company is in the business of sub-licensing the right to the use of the intellectual property, with the goal of having Rotating Label technology become the preferred “enhanced content” label system for packaged goods. The company has engaged Market-Wise Nutrition to actively pursue applications in the nutraceutical and supplements markets.

About Market-Wise Nutrition:
Since 1994 Market-Wise has served as Corporate Advisors to the Nutraceutical Industry involved in Strategic Planning, Product Development and Research and Marketing. It is the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of CRAN-MAX® and the BIO-SHIELD® product line of proprietary infusedfruit powders, including BLUE-MAX® (blueberry-based), BIL-MAX® (bilberry-based) and ELDER-MAX® (elderberry-based). Marketwise is also the owner of the GQA (Grower quality Assurance) trademark which represents food safety standards and good agricultural practices for North American growers of botanicals, fruits and vegetables. Growers participating in the program are audited and inspected to ensure that purity, potency and quality are achieved from the field gate to the finished product. For more information visit

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