Paulk Vineyards Forms Muscadine Products Corporation

WRAY, GA – February 4, 2005 – As of the new year, Paulk Vineyards has created a new company, Muscadine Products Corporation, which markets muscadine products such as juice, seed and skin powders and extracts.

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) is a family owned business built on a legacy of six generations of agricultural production and leadership. MPC currently produces phytochemically-rich muscadine nutraceutical powders to offer manufacturers in the cosmetics, functional foods, dietary supplements and botanical industries anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rich powders. MPC also produces and markets muscadine juices to the natural juice and wine industries.

Muscadine grapes, which are native to America, have been shown to contain one of the highest levels of total antioxidants and ellagic acid of any fruit tested. Recent research at the University of Georgia’s Nutraceuticals Research Laboratory and other collaborating universities shows that muscadine grapes have a higher phenolic content than any other type of grape with extremely high levels of flavonoids, anthocyanins and flavonols. Because of these rich phytochemicals, the muscadine grape has been shown to help combat free radicals and possess powerful anti-inflammatory bioactivities benefiting cardiovascular and digestive health and relieving muscle and joint pain. MPC’s line of muscadine grape nutraceutical powders is available as a finished product or as standardized ingredients to companies who wish to offer the powerful phytochemical composition found only in the muscadine grape in their finished products.

For more information visit or contact Chris Paulk at [email protected].

Chris Paulk
[email protected]

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