Pawz For Health Promotes Natural Health in Pets

SEVERN, Md., Nov 30, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Is the culture of convenience harming our pets? Nutritional specialist Janet Oquendo says it is - and to help people provide better health and nutrition for their companion animals, she has launched Pawz For Health (

"Poor nutrition is as devastating to a dog's health as it is to a human's," Oquendo explained. "Just as fast food has replaced real, whole foods for many people in our society, poor-quality processed dog foods have replaced the meat, fruit and vegetables required for a healthy canine diet. What's more, environmental toxins, poor breeding and over-vaccinating all significantly contribute to the compromised health, and often premature deaths, of our companion animals."

To help address those problems, Pawz For Health offers an exclusive service, initially just for dogs, to help identify the environmental and nutritional hazards to pets' health and offer suggestions for improvement. Online and telephone consultations are available to people with canine companions outside Baltimore, Maryland; for those in the Baltimore area, in- home consultations are available.

In either case, Oquendo will help clients reevaluate their dogs' current diets, assess their living environments and offer education on the role each plays in a dog's well-being. She'll show people how to promote optimum health in their dogs through improved natural diets and less toxic homes and discuss the issues associated with over-vaccinating.

In addition to the consulting service, Pawz For Health provides articles on all aspects of canine nutrition and health improvement. Visitors to the site can also purchase natural products recommended by Oquendo to aid dogs with illnesses from arthritis to kennel cough.

Oquendo began studying canine natural health and nutrition when her own Rottweiler, Prince, became seriously ill. "That was when I began to do extensive research on the contributing factors surrounding my Rottie's illness," Oquendo stated. "I researched the effects his diet, vaccinations, unfiltered water and toxins within my home were having on his health. I was alarmed at what I discovered."

She immediately took the dog off the low-quality dog food he had been eating and put him on a natural diet, filtered all his drinking water, minimized vaccines and avoided chemicals within her home as much as possible. Today, Prince is nine years old and in excellent health.

But Oquendo knew she couldn't stop with her own dog. "The more research I did, the more I learned about the pet food industry and what really goes into commercial dog food," she said. "As I worked with local rescue groups educating potential adopters about canine health and nutrition, I found that very few people knew much about the subject. So I decided to create Pawz For Health. I believe the more knowledge I can give people about improving their pets' overall health, the happier pets and their people will be."

Pawz For Health will soon add nutrition information for cats. To learn more, or to schedule a canine nutritional health consultation, visit

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