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PepForm improves amino acid delivery to muscles

PepForm improves amino acid delivery to muscles
PepForm Leucine Peptides uses Glanbia’s patent-pending PepForm technology designed to improve delivery of amino acids to muscle tissue.

PepForm Leucine Peptides is a new product from Glanbia Nutritionals that contains high levels of leucine-rich peptides isolated from whey proteins to deliver the essential amino acid L-Leucine in a soluble and highly bioavailable form. PepForm Leucine Peptides is created using Glanbia’s patent-pending PepForm technology designed to improve delivery of amino acids to muscle tissue. More efficient nutrient delivery helps PepForm Leucine Peptides contribute to muscle synthesis and growth.

L-Leucine is an essential amino acid that promotes muscle synthesis. Currently Leucine is used as a supplement for athletes and elderly populations who have increased needs for improved muscle synthesis. PepForm Leucine Peptides’ ability to provide Leucine more efficiently is a significant step in addressing the growing concern over age-related muscle loss or sarcopenia.  Research shows that many individuals can decrease the rate of muscle loss by exercising and consuming proteins that are quickly absorbed and have significant levels of leucine.

This aspect of Pepform Leucine Peptides captured the interest of Stacie Wing-Gaia, Ph.D., R.D., CSSD, of the Division of Nutrition at the University of Utah College of Health. Professor Gaia is interested in identifying ways to reduce muscle loss that naturally occurs at higher elevations. Individuals exercising at higher elevations experience appetite suppression and a corresponding reduction of food intake. Also, the effects of hypoxia at higher elevations turns off protein synthesis within the body, leading to muscle loss. This April and May, 32 individuals on a trek to 18,000 feet on Mount Everest will receive either a beverage control or a beverage containing PepForm Leucine Peptides to see if the efficient delivery of Leucine through PepForm technology can have a positive effect at higher elevations. Glanbia Nutritionals is collaborating with Dr. Wing-Gaia and the University of Utah on the study. 

PepForm technology can be extended to a wide range of specific amino acids. Glanbia Nutritionals currently offers PepForm Leucine Peptides, PepForm BCAA 2:1:1 Peptides, PepForm Arginine Peptides and PepForm Tryptophan Peptides.


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