Peptan F rejuvenates skin collagen structure

Collagen density significantly increased by 9 percent in the dermis while no beneficial effect was observed with placebo.

Rousselot, the world leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, has posted positive results from its latest clinical study. Performed by French laboratory COSderma using the latest techniques in dermatological testing, this study sheds new light on the mechanisms and actions of Peptan fish collagen peptides and reconfirms their positive effects on skin beauty.

In 2009, two clinical studies (Dermscan in France and Souken in Japan) involving French and Japanese women demonstrated that a daily intake of Peptan significantly improves skin hydration and suppleness, reduces the number of micro-relief furrows and prevents the formation of deep wrinkles.

In 2012, the new study commissioned by Rousselot was designed to investigate the underlying collagen network and understand the impact of a daily intake of Peptan F (sachet for drinks) on skin structure.

This double-blind randomized study versus placebo was performed on 106 healthy female subjects aged 40 to 65, over an 84 day period (12 weeks). The resulting indicators illustrate the statistically significant effects of Peptan F on skin after just 28 days with an even greater effect after 84 days:

• Fragmentation of collagen reduced by 31 percent

Collagen fragmentation is a key indicator of skin aging. The latest confocal scanning technology by VivaScope showed a 31 percent reduction in collagen fragmentation after 12 weeks of Peptan intake. No change was observed in collagen fragmentation with the placebo.

• Collagen density increased by 9 percent

COSderma used the latest high-resolution ultrasound system (Dermcup) to measure the collagen density in the dermis and epidermis. Collagen density significantly increased by 9 percent in the dermis while no beneficial effect was observed with placebo.

• Excellent acceptability

Participants reported a high acceptability of Peptan, with no side effects.

The new COSderma study highlights Peptan F’s considerable potential for nutricosmetic applications. The study provides evidence on Peptan F’s restructuring and regeneration activity in the collagen network, rejuvenating the skin structure. The new results are unique as they explain how Peptan boosts the collagen from the inside, leading to smoother, firmer and more beautiful skin on the outside.

The neutral sensory qualities of Peptan mean it is easily integrated into any type of supplement, food or beverage. Rousselot global sales and technical service teams are ready to support customers with their nutricosmetic formulations.


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