Pet Nutrition launches nutrient-rich pet fruit treat

Pet Nutrition launches nutrient-rich pet fruit treat

Market-Wise Nutrition has announced the launch of the first commercially available wholesome and nutritious Barktastic brand Fruitmax Natural Fruit Treats that can be shared by pets and their human companions.

Industry innovator Stephen Lukawski, CEO of Market-Wise Nutrition, the parent company of Market-Wise Pet Nutrition, has announced the launch of the first commercially available wholesome and nutritious treat that can be shared by pets and their human companions.

The nutraceutical fruit treat is formulated to be a functional food for canines and humans. Barktastic brand Fruitmax Natural Fruit Treats contain the popular brand Ester C, which provides healthy immune support for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds; and Ocean Nutrition's Meg 3 brand Omega 3, ideal for a dog's skin and coat.

The treats also contain 100 percent real fruit with no artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives. They are also free of gluten, wheat, soy, grains, allergens and cholesterol. There are no added sugars just the natural occurring sugars from the fruit. Each 10 gram serving is equivalent to half an apple, a 50 percent serving of vitamin C from Ester C, good source of omega 3 and a half a serving of fruit each day.

"This is the only antioxidant fruit snack in the world formulated expressly to be shared by pets and the people who love them," Lukawski describes. "With the Barktastic brand, we are focusing on science-based ingredients proven to provide health benefits for maximum performance and lifestyle for dogs. This product is formulated with the intention to help both people and dogs to live a longer and healthier life together. Fruitmax contains all the goodness and health benefits that parents would want to have their children eat. My philosophy as a human companion to my dog, is that if we do not eat the food that we serve our pets then why are we letting are pets eat this food? Barktastic are treats to share, food for two, one for me and one for you. Fruitmax is a fun; clean, healthy treat, that you and your pet will love to eat "

Retail price is $5.95 per box of 12 treat sachets. Each box is equivalent to six whole apples plus six full servings of fruit. Fruitmax is a great tasting product that provides certain health benefits for maximum performance.

Lukawski noted that four new Fruitmax nutritional fruit products such as Cran-Max® Cranberry for UTI will be launched during the next year. All formulations will be science-based and will feature the ingredient Ester C, for which Market Wise has secured the exclusive right to use this brand in the fruit treats market sector.

About Market Wise:

Since 1995 Market Wise has been a specialist in product formulation and brand development of science based and clinically tested natural health products both for people and pets. Market Wise brings together growers, researchers and manufactures to set quality standards from the farm to the finished product. Market Wise believes that traceability, science-based ingredients and continued research are important building blocks in the long-term future growth of the health and nutrition industry. Market Wise continues to lead with research in new fields such enhanced delivery systems, bioavailability, microencapsulation, drying techniques and state-of-the-art milling techniques. Market Wise has developed and co-owns the successful launch of Time Release Botanicals and PhytoLipid formulations that have been developed for Swiss Herbal Remedies in Canada, and serves as the exclusive distributor and marketing agent in Canada for the patented and trademarked Cran-Max® cranberry and other Bio-Shield® ingredients, as well as serves as Canadian representative by Nutra 3 Complex, fast-melting, functional oral film strips for humans and pets.

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