Pharmachem Laboratories Selects Advanced Nutraceutical To Launch Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer in Asia

KEARNEY, NJ, OCT. 7, 2005 – Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. has appointed Advanced Nutraceutical Pte, Ltd., a leading international marketing company based in Singapore, to represent Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer, an ingredient used in a variety of weight loss supplements, in the Asian market.

Recently appointed chief executive officer of Advanced Nutraceutical Pte, Ltd., Willy Tan, will lead the Phase 2® marketing efforts throughout Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. Tan and his team of eight representatives will be coordinating the promotion of Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer within the Asian marketplace by creating brand awareness through advertising, media relations, partnerships and trade shows.

“Pharmachem Laboratories’ partnership with Advanced Nutraceutical Pte, Ltd. will play an instrumental role in fulfilling our global vision of introducing Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer into food and beverages. Willy Tan brings tremendous value to our efforts and I am confident that he will guide Phase 2® into its next phase of accelerated growth,” said Mitch Skop, Director, New Product Development, Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.

Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer has been well-received in other parts of the world, and according to Tan, has great potential to help curb bulging waistlines in the Asian marketplace.

“Hundreds of brands have used Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer as a health supplement to address weight loss,” said Tan. “Backed by human clinical studies, Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer presents a new paradigm in functional food science and healthy food choice in Asian cities where diets are typically high in carbohydrates. By incorporating Phase 2® into food and beverages, it will become the product of choice for consumers looking for healthy and practical alternatives or add-ons to weight management supplements,” he added.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Kearny, NJ, is the supplier of Phase 2 starch neutralizer. The company develops, supplies and manufactures a variety of high-quality, efficacious food ingredients under the strictest quality control. For more information, log-on to; or call 1-800-526-0609.


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