PharmaNutrients Launches New CLA Technology: Dual Mechanism CLA One(R) DG

CHICAGO, IL (March 1, 2005) – PharmaNutrients, a leading research and development company and supplier of proprietary, science-based nutritional ingredients, has launched its latest in a series of innovations, CLA One DG. This new, patented, dual mechanism technology delivers CLA One as a diglyceride, suitable for use in dietary supplements and food products.

CLA One DG combines the well-recognized benefits of CLA One for reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass with the attributes of diglyceride oil, shown to lower triglycerides (TG), reduce fat stores and increase fat burning. Until now CLA One has only been available as a free fatty acid (FFA); as a DG, CLA One enhances healthy fat loss due to the positioning of the fatty acids. This small change impacts fat absorption and metabolism causing less TG’s to be formed in gut cells, releasing fewer plasma TG’s into circulation and reducing the amount of fat deposited.

Dr. Susie Rockway, Director of Research and Development at PharmaNutrients, stated, “While developing a CLA suitable for food applications, we discovered and patented a unique process to position CLA as a diglyceride. Our CLA One DG is virtually tasteless and therefore can easily be incorporated into food systems as well as supplements. I’m also excited about the fat loss benefits from this new dual action mechanism and look forward to funding more studies.”

Mark Nottoli, President and founder of PharmaNutrients explained, “During the last few years, nutritional DG oil technology has come to dominate the Japanese market due to its fat loss benefits. Since the research originated, 22 animal and human studies have shown body fat reduction and lower blood TG’s from this uniquely engineered DG molecule. PharmaNutrients is now providing these DG benefits to the United States in the form of CLA One DG. Our customers will benefit with a superior performing CLA, unlike anything in the industry.”

About PharmaNutrients, Inc.:

Dedicated to creating products to enhance wellness, PharmaNutrients ( supports research investigating fatty acids and soluble fibers. The company's activities encompass multiple technology platforms focused on creating solutions for obesity-related health issues including weight management, inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular health. PharmaNutrients’ conjugated linoleic acid and chitosan-based products are used in a wide range of dietary supplements.

PharmaNutrients is recognized for creating Tonalin CLA, the first nutritional dietary supplement targeted at “Body Composition” and creating the “Fat Binding” category with Absorbitol brand chitosan complex. Since its de-merger with Natural ASA of Norway in 1999, PharmaNutrients has further developed new applications for CLA beyond weight management and has filed numerous patents.

Mark Nottoli, President
PharmaNutrients, Inc.
[email protected]

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