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PharmaNutrients Receives Sublicense to WARF CLA Patents

Lake Bluff, Illinois USA (September 4, 2002) With the execution of the Natural ASA and Cognis licensing agreement, PharmaNutrients receives a sublicense for various application and use patents relating to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). These patents are held by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), a not-for-profit organization that administers patents on intellectual property developed by the faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

According to Mark Nottoli, President of PharmaNutrients, “The terms of our original 1999 separation Agreement with Natural are clear and specific. Concurrent with Natural entering into a licensing agreement or granting a sublicense to any other party for dietary supplement applications of CLA, PharmaNutrients will automatically receive a worldwide sublicense for use of CLA as a dietary or nutritional supplement in health food or as a food additive.”

Since 1999, PharmaNutrients has had access to WARF patents through a supply license Agreement with Natural ASA. In August, 2002, this Agreement was upheld by the American Arbitration Association as part of its final arbitration findings between PharmaNutrients and Natural. With the execution of the Natural – Cognis Agreement, PharmaNutrients has received its own sublicense.

“We are pleased to have a sublicense and to finally eliminate, once and for all, any doubt related to patent claims that can be made with our CLA One® brand of CLA. With this issue firmly resolved, we will be aggressively building awareness and market share for CLA One® in the US, Western Europe and Asia,” Nottoli added.


PharmaNutrients supports university research investigating CLA and soluble fibers. The firm’s conjugated linoleic acid and chitosan-based, soluble fiber blended products are used in a wide range of dietary supplements and other nutraceutical applications involved in promoting healthy blood glucose levels and bone metabolism, cardiovascular health, weight management, immune health and other areas.

Founded in 1994, PharmaNutrients is a provider of proprietary, human study-validated, nutritional bio-active ingredients and technologies to the nutrients, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s activities encompass multiple technology platforms including conjugated linoleic acid and chitosan soluble fibers, as well as other related platforms, each focused on solutions to some of today’s most significant health issues.

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