Pharmline, Inc. Achieves Internationally-Recognized HACCP Certification

Pharmline, Inc. has achieved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification. “The HACCP System ensures that the highest safety standards in food and beverage manufacturing are utilized, resulting in the manufacturing of high quality products,” says Antony Hand, President of Pharmline. “HACCP Certification is awarded to companies that complete extensive preparations and implement a comprehensive Food Safety Program which includes maintaining detailed documentation of all policies, procedures and complying with current Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices.”

This action is part of Pharmline’s strategy of setting the benchmark for quality and safety of ingredients and is complementary to several moves taken by the company since January 2008, including GMP re-certification by the Natural Products Association (NPA), ISO-9001 certification and restarting operations in Shanghai in order to conduct regular GMP and environmental audits with its vendors. The new certification is designed to assure the integrity and quality of the ingredients that Pharmline supplies to the dietary supplement and health food industries.

“ More than 50,000 children were recently hospitalized in China for problems related to the consumption of melamine contaminated infant formula and related dairy products. This is just an example that illustrates how important the concepts of traceability and food safety have become with the globalization of the food supply,” explains Hand. “Our fundamental commitment has always been to provide our customers with ingredients and products of uncompromised quality and purity. Therefore, we continue to be highly selective in sourcing our raw materials and we have implemented the strictest quality assurance controls in our operations."

Melissa Melendez, Quality Systems Manager of Pharmline, comments: “We are very aware of growing areas of concern in the food and the dietary supplement industries, specifically regarding dietary ingredients. We have worked hard to achieve this accreditation which required commitment from every employee from the CEO down. Attaining HACCP Certification along with Pharmline’s ISO 9001 and GMP Certifications demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the safety, control and management of manufacturing quality products in accordance with industry expectations worldwide.”

“Completion and implementation of the HACCP program along with Pharmline’s ISO 9001 and GMP Certifications demonstrate Pharmline’s intention to remain as one of the best quality-certified suppliers of nutritional ingredients and value-added services, extending our objectives for total supply-chain traceability to a global scale,” concluded Hand.

Pharmline, Inc., a subsidiary of Gadot Biochemical Industries, Ltd., is based in Florida, NY and is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of high-quality nutritional ingredients, standardized phytonutrients and fine chemicals. Founded in 1986, Pharmline specializes in custom formulations, large capacity blending, granulations and premixes. Pharmline is the exclusive distributor of Industrial Organica’s Hi-Fil Lutein products, EPAX marine-based Omega-3 concentrates, Burgundy Botanical Extracts IridoForce™ and UTIRose™. With over 250 products, Pharmline is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of innovation, technology, research & development and quality assurance. Pharmline, Inc. is ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified.

To learn more about Pharmline, visit our website: or call (845) 651-4443.

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