Phil Lempert Launches Weekly Consumer and Food Industry Web Casts

Phil Lempert, known to both consumers and the food industry as the “Supermarket Guru", today launched two unique weekly video casts for consumers and food industry executives, respectively.

With more than 15,000 new food products introduced to consumers annually, Lempert has expanded his successful New Products “Hit or Miss” column, which he began in 1985, to the YouTube generation of technology. Called “5 Products in 5 Minutes,” Lempert will host the weekly Wednesday video cast and use his seven point criteria to review new food products that will help shoppers make more informed food choices.

Then on Thursdays, food industry executives, analysts and marketing professionals can view The Lempert Report, a five minute video trend report hosted by Lempert where he discusses food trends, issues, and analyzes major news stories. The Lempert Report will provide decision makers with insight into consumer, food and shopping trends. Lempert has published The Lempert Report newsletter for industry insiders for more than two decades.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Internet users are increasingly time-shifting their media consumption by downloading podcasts to watch or listen later. The survey found that 19 percent of internet users had downloaded podcasts to listen or view at a later date compared to 12 percent in August of 2006.

“ and The Lempert Report are primary sources for food news and trend information and offering video casts will expand our network and make obtaining news more entertaining…and empowering,” says Lempert. “With almost 50,000 products in an average supermarket and so many new products fighting for annual consumer dollars, it’s hard for consumers to keep track; and for retail buyers to understand which have the best shot at success and how to best market them. I’m here to help sort through all the information and provide guidance to both consumers and the industry.”

For over 20 years, Lempert has evaluated and rated thousands of products a “Hit or Miss.” “5 Products in 5 Minutes,” examines each product based on seven specific criteria: taste, value, health, ingredients, preparation, appearance and packaging. Based on a 100 point scale, products that score an 85 or above are considered a “hit,” and those rated 95 and above as a “rising star.”

According to Lempert, the “Hit or Miss” section on is a consumer favorite but industry food buyers also use it to find new products. Lempert anticipates reviewing more than 1,000 products per year and will post the weekly video cast on, You Tube, Yahoo, iVillage, Gourmet Retailer, National Grocers Association, Trend Central, AOL video, My Space, MetaCafe, Revver, Break, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh, Bright Cove, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Viddler, Howcast, 5min, Vimeo, Graspr and iTunes as a free download.

The Lempert Report will be posted on, National Grocers Association, and Progressive Grocer.

In each video cast, there are both “hits” and “misses.” For example in one segment, the “miss” is a large cookie that crumbles when Lempert reveals the nutritionals are based on eating only half (1/2) the cookie. Lempert points out that no one eats only half a cookie and therefore the treat is high in calories, fat and sugar.

“With food prices at nearly an all time high, shoppers need to stretch those dollars and while they want variety, they won’t pay to experiment with new products. Executives need to market to consumers with this in mind and consumers need assistance working the supermarket aisles. We can help them.”

With more than 450,000 unique visitors per month, does not accept advertising to maintain the independence and integrity of the site. To sign-up for’s Newsflash, or to view “5 Products in 5 Minutes,” please visit

About Philip Lempert

Known as the Supermarket Guru®, Phil Lempert publishes the trends publication The Lempert Report, and appears regularly on NBC’s TODAY Show. He is the author of several books including Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer’s Choices. In 1994 he founded that is a leading online resource providing consumers with food safety, products, trends and shopping tips. With more than 11 million visitors annually, consumers have access to breaking food industry news, health and nutrition tips and other food-related information. For more information, please visit

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