Phytochem brings low-metal turmeric to U.S. market

Phytochem brings low-metal turmeric to U.S. market

Turmeric from finger rhizomes are lower in curcuminoids but also lower in heavy metals, ensuring that Ningbo meets Prop. 65 heavy metals standards.

Phytochem International is pleased to announce its partnership with Ningbo Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Co., a Chinese kosher-certified manufacturer, to introduce to the U.S market the first Indonesian (raw material source) Turmeric 95% curcuminoids exclusively manufactured in China from the turmeric finger rhizome.

The finger rhizome, while lower in curcuminoids (more expensive), is also lower in heavy metals, ensuring that Ningbo meets USP, EP and Prop 65 heavy metals standards. Ningbo Traditional Turmeric 95 is superior because it is pesticide and fertilizer free and processed using natural food grade solvents. Phytochem is stocking and shipping Ningbo Traditional Chinese Medicine, Turmeric 95% Product from its California warehouse.

Phytochem Sales and Marketing Manager Tom Winn says, “We’ve been carrying Turmeric 95% for many years but not been a player in this market. In the past, we’ve had difficulty obtaining high-quality, competitively priced product from India. There have also been severe fluctuations in supply along with pricing. We are very excited that through our partnership with Ningbo Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have a new and superior product at an economical price.”

Ningbo Traditional was founded in 1965 and has more than 40 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicines. In the past 10 years it has focused on standardized botanical extracts.

Ningbo Chinese Medicine is producing Turmeric 95% with a full natural C3 mixture (curcumin, bisdemethoxy curcumin and demethoxy curcumin) from the turmeric finger rhizome, cultivated in Indonesia.

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