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Pioneering Canadian Manufacturer Receives Prestigious Award

Markham, ON. October 18, 2005 - Pioneer of the Canadian natural health food industry, Sunny Crunch Foods Inc. Founder Willie Pelzer, will be awarded the prestigious Entrepreneurship Award for 2005 by the Markham Board of Trade on October 20, 2005.

Mr Pelzer has dedicated the past 35 years to the industry and created a company which employs 100 people and grown from a $5 million company five years ago to a $25 million company today. However, it was not until this year that he was recognized formally by Markham community where the company’s state of the art manufacturing facility is located.

Each year the Markham Board of Trade awards businesses whose significant business achievements have made an important contribution to the economic and social well being of the Town of Markham. All Markham businesses are eligible and are nominated by member companies of the Markham Board of Trade and go through a strict profile interview process by an awards committee who then determine the winners in each category.

“Sunny Crunch is a fantastic example of what makes Markham a great place to do business in,” Markham Board of Trade President and CEO Keith Bray said. “They have built and operate a world class facility and are a leading example of what a tremendous employer does in hiring practices and supporting staff. And all of this while being a corporate community leader.”

Mr Pelzer said he was excited that the community had recognised his hard work and dedication to the community and his employees in his quest to manufacture high-quality and nutritious products for the Canadian and U.S. markets.

“This business was born one morning when, after eating porridge for breakfast, I questioned whether this was the healthiest and most enjoyable way to start my day. So in my kitchen I experimented with baking oats and nuts to create a more appealing product,” he said. “Now my company has more than 250 products on the shelf, including that famous crunchy granola which I developed all those years ago.”

Stephen Lukawski, President of Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC. which represents Sunny Crunch Food’s products within the U.S. market, said it was about time Mr Pelzer and his excellent staff wererewarded. “Willie Pelzer is a true pioneer of the industry who constantly strives to promote natural nutrition,” he said. “His business success is testament to his abilities and dedication to his staff and the industry as a whole.”

As well as owning and operating Sunny Crunch Foods, Mr Pelzer is a former President of the Canadian Health Food Association and a current member.

About Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd:
Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is a 35-year pioneer in natural and nutritious food manufacturing and is one of Canada's most respected manufacturers of natural health products. Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is a Markham based company that was founded in 1970 by Mr Willie Pelzer and is known as the inventor of ‘Crunchy Granola’. Today, Sunny Crunch has a staff of over 100 employees producing an impressive range of quality products from granola cereals, nutrition bars, meal replacement bars, sports nutrition bars, energy bars, and snack bars for major supermarkets, retailers and distributors throughout Canada and worldwide. Sunny Crunch has been awarded the opportunity to manufacture private label products for many well-known grocery chains throughout Canada, USA, UK, and Japan. For the past five years the company has grown exponentially, assisted by broker, distributor and marketer, Market-Wise International Nutrition. Market-Wise International Nutrition was recently chosen by Sunny Crunch Foods to represent, distribute and market its brand name products throughout the U.S. as well as generate more private label business for the company.

For more information contact:
Stephen Lukawski - President and CEO
Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1888 472 2275
Fax: 1239 403 9419

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