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Pivotal Clinical Study on Performance of Stress Neutralizing Formula OCTA(TM) Produces Impressive Interim Results

Study utilizes both Objective and Subjective test measures to evaluate effects on Stress

Toronto, Ontario Canada January 12th, 2005 - Destiny Health & Wellness, a leading Healthcare Company, has reported interim results from a pivotal clinical study on their flagship product, OCTA™. The objective of the 12 week pilot study, supervised by Dr. Rana Singh, was to assess the stress neutralizing and adaptogenic properties of the OCTA™ formulation. The clinical case series design utilized scientifically validated subjective testing, blood pressure testing and specific lab testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the OCTA™ formula.

The study's preliminary results revealed a marked effect on blood pressure and hormone levels. After only 2 weeks of use, the following results were observed:

  • 5 point reduction in blood pressure
  • 15% decrease in urinary Cortisol and a 13% rise in DHEA-S levels.

In parallel, the ability of OCTA™ to reduce the perceived effects of stress was also investigated in this study. In terms of subjective testing, results were observed with respect to overall stress reduction after only 8 weeks. Findings include:

  • 56% reduction in depressive symptoms (using the Beck Depression Index®)
  • 36% decrease in perceived stress (using the Perceived Stress Scale®)
  • 32% reduction in anxiety symptoms (using the State Trait Anxiety Inventory®)

An advanced, psychometric subjective tool called the SF-36v2™ was also used to evaluate the effect on Quality of Life. Improvement was observed across all health measures including: Physical Function, Social Function, Pain, Emotional Function, Vitality and Mental Health.

Dr. Singh noted, "The results are a positive indication that OCTA™ has good potential to minimize the devastating effects of stress, both physiologically and mentally. OCTA™ also showed an excellent safety profile with no adverse effects.”

"This is a significant milestone for our company.” said Shawn Smith, President of Destiny Health & Wellness. “It confirms that OCTA™ is effective in increasing the body’s ability to counter the effects of stress.” added Smith.

The study will be completed in mid-February with full results to be published in March. Any inquiries with respect to the study should be addressed to:

Dr. Rana Singh
Director of Integrative Medicine
[email protected]
(905) 762-0708 ext. 18

About OCTA™
OCTA™ is a unique blend of eight herbal extracts with adaptogenic and energizing properties. It increases vitality and energy and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, boosting natural defenses.

About Destiny
Destiny Health & Wellness is a Leading Healthcare Company committed to the prevention and treatment of disease. Our goal is simple – develop cutting edge natural pharmaceutical formulas to optimize health through prevention and provide solutions to combat illness and disease. These formulas are created by combining evidence-based research in natural pharmaceuticals, clinical nutrition and botanicals with ancient traditional medicines. Destiny is committed to leading the Healthcare industry by empowering individuals with knowledge on the key steps to health optimization.

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