Pizzey’s Milling Offers New Flaxseed Sampler

Pizzey’s Milling has debuted a new Flaxseed Sampler pack. This pack is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning how flaxseed can be used in their application, but aren’t sure which grade is optimum for them. This pack includes Pizzey’s SelectGr

a d™ Ultrafine Milled Flaxseed, SelectGr a d™ Whole Milled Regular Grind Flaxseed, BevGr a d™ Whole Milled Flaxseed, FortiGr a d™ and NutriGr a d™. The pack also includes advice about the best uses of each product and product information.

Pizzey’s Milling, based in Angusville, Manitoba, Canada, has been supplying the bakery, cereals, beverage, and supplements markets with premium quality flaxseed products for over a decade. The flaxseed is sourced from the cool, pristine Canadian prairies and goes through rigorous testing and selection before being processed to the individual specifications of each customer.

To request Pizzey’s new sampler pack, please call (877) 804-6444 (US) or (800) 804-6433 (CDA) or email us at

[email protected]

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