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Planet Dog Creates Merchandised Displays

Portland, Maine (March 2005) – Planet Dog has developed Merchandised Displays to give retailers more time to spend with their sniffing, panting and tail-wagging customers and less on time-consuming displays. Retailers can choose from a selection of three different displays designed for all types and sizes of stores. Each pre-assorted display features Planet Dog’s award-winning products in best selling colors and sizes and comes with a free coordinating header.

“Best-Sellers” Merchandised Display

Planet Dog is quickly becoming the talk of the dog park. With toys like the Flower Buddy, Nut and Bolt and Pink Ribbon Ringo it's not a surprise. This display features these top dogs and a full assortment of other best-sellers. It is sold for $633.

“SPORT” Merchandised Display

With Planet dog SPORT, retailers have all the essential selling elements - fun product, effective packaging, great prices and a point of purchase sign that goes the distance. Now retailers won't have to spend valuable time building plan-o-grams as this display offers them the perfect mix of product in the optimal quantities. It is sold for $648.

“Get Out & Go” Merchandised Display

With display, retailers can take advantage of the ever-increasing "pets welcome" trend. Customers hitting the road with their animal companions will be drawn to this display that features the right mix of durable poly-canvas beds, bowls and bags for every outing from a backpacking trip to a spa weekend. All are compactable for easy transport and storage.

“Get Out & Go” features best-selling collars and leashes in Planet Dog’s new and innovative packaging. This ingenious designs not only optimizes space (these leashes and collars will take up half the space of regular packaging), but customers can easily slip any collar out of the packaging to slip around dog’s neck for a quick try-on. It is sold for $1,430.

To find out specific quantities in each Merchandised Display, retailers are encouraged to visit, Planet Dog’s exclusive website for retailers. They can also talk with their Planet Dog Sales Representative or call 800-381-1516.

Planet Dog is proud to donate a percentage of their profits to Planet Dog Philanthropy (PDP), their non-profit grant-making organization, to support animal welfare, education and the environment. To learn more, visit

Katie LeBel
Planet Friendly Public Relations
[email protected]

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