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Planet Dog Creates New Website Designed Exclusively for Retailers

Portland, Maine – Planet Dog’s retail customers are barking about the company’s new, exclusive retailer website ( . In its continued commitment to providing Top Dog customer service, the new website launched today will save retailers time and money. The new website will enable retailers to:

· Save money on faxing by ordering online instead of writing orders.

· Save time and place orders while stock is available by ordering directly from promotional e-mails.

· Quickly and easily find out what’s new. There’s always something new at Planet Dog!

· Gain access to creative and seasonal merchandising ideas.

· Be the first to know about discontinued products and specials on a regular basis.

· Download useful forms such as pricing sheets and credit applications.

· Find and correspond with their Sales Representative.

· Change and update their customer profile.

· Track their account and shipments.

“We designed this website to be an extension of our lifestyle brand. Planet Dog has so much more to offer than great products, such as great merchandising ideas or tips on how to most effectively sell our brand,” states Catherine Frost, Planet Dog’s Marketing Director. “We want all our customers to enjoying shopping the site, knowing that they will always find something new, useful and inspiring,” adds Frost.

Plans are also in the works to make the site a platform for retailers to share their success stories and other useful information. To learn more about the new site, please visit

Planet Dog Merchandising Tips (from

· Create a Planet Dog kiosk or section. It’s easy to do and easy on the eyes. Why? Because we design all our products as a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Like pieces of a puzzle, each category dovetails well with the next.

· Use signage to help promote the Planet Dog section in your store and to sell more products.

· Put bright colors at eye level. That's easy to do with our product. We've pushed the product envelope way out beyond your basic red or black hard rubber toy.

· Put Orbee products at nose level. That’s right – nose. All Orbee-Tuff® is infused with mint. Dogs absolutely go full-body-wag bonkers for mint. After all, given the choice, would you rather chew something that smelled like an old tire or a breath mint?

· Always check in for our latest and greatest new products. You always want to be the first on the block to say you've got the hottest new Planet Dog Toy in your store.

· Maximize our Ribbon Ringo campaign (supporting the fight against breast cancer) by knowing when Susan G. Komen Foundation events are happening in your area. Your local Sales Representative always has this information at hand.

· Stay informed of our coverage and other great information in industry magazines such as Pet Business, Pet Age and Pet Product News. They will have the latest scoop on news from Planet Dog (along with this website and your area Sale Representative.)

· Call your area Sales Representative. They are always eager and willing to help you maximize your space.

· Show the products in use. Do you have a store dog? Make sure they nap on a Planet Dog bed.

· Having an event? We may have products to donate. Contact Planet Dog Philanthropy to make your request (

For stores that are just opening or expanding into the pet category, Planet Dog recommends the following:

· Take a look at all our Easy-Order Kits. They provide the perfect sampling of our categories and in quantities that are just enough to see how well certain products will sell. (We know they will all sell well, but these Easy Order Kits will put your mind at ease for those smaller stores.)

· Start your offering with our very best sellers - the Orbee-Tuff® Balls and Bones. Once you see people get to know and love Planet Dog, you will be able to expand the entire line with confidence.

Katie LeBel
Planet Friendly Public Relations
[email protected]

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